Android Lock Screen Removal

  • 100% securely unlock Android lock screen without losing any data.
  • Remove Android password, pattern, PIN & fingerprint lock in minutes.
  • Just few clicks to bypass lock screen, no tech knowledge required.
  • Fully compatible with the latest Android 7.1 and former.

    Your One-Stop Unlocker for Android Lock Screen


    Forgot Your Password

    Want to get some important data from your old phone which hasn’t been used for a long time, but find that you forgot the password of the lock screen.


    Second-hand Device

    Got a second hand device with a locked screen. And you cannot get in touch with the previous owner.


    Too Many Incorrect Attempts

    The phone is locked due to entering incorrect password for too many times while you forget the password or someone want to get access to your phone.


    Phone with a broken screen

    You cannot enter the password to unlock your phone due to the cracked screen.

    Remove Screen Lock without Losing Data

    This Android Lock Screen removal is 100% guaranteed that the soul focus of it is to help you to remove the lock screen securely. It is more advanced which will not lose any file on your phone than performing a factory reset.

    Unlock without Data Loss
    android lock screen types

    Remove Every Types of Screen Lock

    This program creates and applies diverse state-of-the-art technologies to ensure you remove Pattern, PIN, Password and Fingerprint from lock screen without any hassles.

    No Tech Knowledge Required

    With intuitive UI, straightforward workflow, and step-by-step wizard, this program makes the complicated lock screen removal as plain as a few clicks. It asks no tech knowledge at all and even your grandpa can easily remove the password from lock screen.


    Remove Android Lock Screen in Just 4 Steps​

    Reliable Android Lock Screen Removal

    Remove the lock screen with the highest success rate in the world, making sure you never lose a single byte.

    Customers reviews

    I saw someone recommending the application on reddit and it didn't let me down. It is really a life savior which removed the locked screen from my S8 without any data loss. A huge thank you to the team of this software!
    Adam Sendler
    I forgot my unlock pattern on my Note8 and I didn't want to factory reset it as it will erase all my data and settings. I am not very good at tech but this tool is so easy to remove my forgotten password. Definitely Recommended!
    Mila Kunis
    My LG G7 locked after entering wrong pin too many times by my little daughter. Thanks god, this software removed lock screen successfully. What impressed me most is all my data are still there, I can use my phone as usual!
    Mike Stuart