iCloud Login Finder

Find the Owner of a Locked or Lost iPhone/iPad/Apple watch

  • Find Apple ID associated E-mail from a locked iPhone by IMEI or Serial Number
  • Guide you to get access to the previous owner for iCloud unlock
"iCloud Login Finder helped me find the original owner of my iPhone. And I successfully got access to the owner and asked him to remove my device from iCloud!"
Kevin Bos

Get an iCloud Locked iPhone? No Worries!

iCloud Activation Lock is designed to prevent anyone else from using an iOS device if it’s lost or stolen. You won’t be able to use any features or functions of an iCloud locked device unless the previous owner’s glad to help you unlock it. Luckily, our iCloud Login Finder can help you find the owner of your iPhone.

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Why Find the Owner of iPhone?

  • Ask him to unlock your device from iCloud Activation Lock
  • Return this device to the owner if it’s lost or stolen
  • Cut your losses of buying a used iPhone

What You'll Get from iCloud Login Finder?

  • The original owner’s contact info (full Apple ID email address)
  • Full email template to ask the owner for iCloud unlocking
  • Methods to bypass iCloud if the owner won’t help

attention   Attention

  • Our iCloud Login Finder is NOT an iCloud unlock service. We just help you find the owner info (the email address that is registered for Apple ID) and offer free guides to help you get into your iPhone.
  • We can’t guarantee that the previous owner would be glad to help you unlock your device.
  • This service is now in beta, and only 60~70% of success rate. But we guarantee the email address is 100% accurate once we find it.

How Our Apple iCloud ID Finder Help You?

Our Apple ID Finder will help find the owner of your iPhone and guide you to unlock your device from iCloud Activation Lock.

Find Owner of iPhone

We find the owner's contact info with the IMEI or Serial Number you offered.

Guide the Owner to Unlock

A guide for the owner to remove your device from his iCloud account is provided.

Contact the Owner

An ultimate email template for you to ask the owner to remove iCloud Activation Lock.

Bypass iCloud

A full guide to bypass iCloud lock on yourself is provided. Use it when the owner won't help.

Find Owner of Your Locked iPhone in 3-Step

Anyone can find the owner of iPhone with our iCloud Login Finder. It is easy to use with a high success rate and efficiency. Only 3 simple steps for the whole process.

Step 1. Submit the IMEI of Serial Number of your device.

Step 2. Our team of experts will start to find the Owner’s contact info.

Step 3. We deliver the Contact Info, Email Template & iCloud Bypass Guide within 12 hours.

iCloud Login Finder

Find the Owner of Locked iPhone Now!

We’ll send the results to the email account associated with your PayPal.

FAQs About iCloud Login Finder

After receiving your IMEI or Serial Number, our team of experts will find the previous owner’s email account that was registered for Apple ID.

We’ll manually find iPhone owner by IMEI/Serial number,  the whole process will take up to 12-hour.

Sorry we can’t! Our iCloud Login Finder is a Beta version now. According to our tests, the success rate is between 60~70%.

But we guarantee the result is 100% accurate once we find it.

DO NOT BUY if you can’t assume the risks of failures.

If we successfully find the owner info of your device, here is the list of delivery:

  1. The previous owner Email address which is used to register with Apple ID.
  2. Full Guide to Unlock. Including an Email template to ask the previous owner to remove iCloud lock + a Guide for the owner to remove iCloud lock from your device + a Guide for iCloud Bypass

If not, you’ll only get the Full Guide to bypass iCloud activation lock by yourself.

Sorry it can’t work for a blacklisted (reported as stolen or lost) or blocked device. You may need to check the status of your device with an accurate IMEI checker.