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  • SIM-Lock & Carrier Check: check phone unlock status MANUALLY by our experts
  • Blacklist & iCloud Status Check: learn if your phone is blacklisted by carrier or iCloud
  • Guarantee a 100% Accurate Online Phone Carrier/Blacklist Check
  • Personalized Unlock Suggestions by our Experts

Your Essential Phone Carrier Checker

● Get a second-hand phone but find that the SIM card you inserted is not supported or not valid? 

● Cannot change to another Network after going aboard?

● Want to make sure if a used phone is blacklisted before purchasing?

If you’re in one of the troubles, it’s impossible for you to switch to another carrier for your phone. You’ll have to make a phone unlock status check or blacklist check before taking the next step.

locked phone

Reliable iCloud Status Checker

apple activation lock 800

Here’re the common situations you may need an iCloud status checker:

● Check if a second-hand iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch is iCloud locked before puchasing from Internet

● Check the iCloud status before unlocking (a blacklisted device cannot be unlocked from iCloud Activation Lock)

● Want to make sure if Find My iPhone has been turned off

Example Result from Phone IMEI Checking Service

How WipeLock Phone IMEI Checker Help You?

Differing from other online phone IMEI Checker, our experts check all of our readers’ IMEI manually to ensure 100% accurate.

Manually Check

All of the submitted IMEI are checked manually by our experts.


No matter which carrier your device is locked to, we can always get you the results.

100% Accurate

We'll check your IMEI twice to ensure the result is 100% accurate.

Extra Guide

We'll offer you a step-by-step guide as a free gift to help you unlock your device.

How to Check Phone Unlock/Blacklist Status?

Step 1. Submit the IMEI or Serial Number of your Android/iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch/iPod touch.

Step 2. Our team of experts start to check the status.

Step 3. After we check & confirm the results, we’ll send it to you via an email.

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Check Your Phone Carrier/Blacklist Status Now!

We’ll send the results to the email account associated with your PayPal.

FAQs About Phone IMEI Check

Of course yes! It supports all Android phones now!

Other IMEI Checkers
WipeLock IMEI Checker
Accuracy 60% 100%
How it works Automatically fetch information from outdated database Check manually by a team of experts
Support NO Offer guide to help you unlock or unblacklist your iPhone
Of course yes! Our experts will check the IMEI twice manually to ensure the result is accurate.

As we check the IMEI manually, it will take a longer time than other online IMEI checker. We’ll send the iPhone unlock status results to you immediately once we finish it.

This usually takes less than 10 hours.


  1. Find the IMEI by dialing *#06#
  2. Find it at the Activation Lock interface:

    icloud locked iphone imei

Don’t worry, we’ll send you a gift – a guide to help you unlock your device if it’s locked. This is free!

Yes, we offer a gift – a full guide to help you unlock your phone. Please note that this gift will be sent together with the IMEI check results. This is extra, not included in the product.

About the guide, we do not guarantee 100% work for you. But we’ll try our best to offer you the most detailed & effective guide.

Sorry, this is NOT an unlock service. Our experts just check the IMEI and offer a free gift – unlock guide for you. We DO NOT offer phone unlock service!

We’ll send the results to the email account associated with your PayPal. Please make sure your email account is alive. If you haven’t received the results after 10 hours, please check the Spam/Junk folder first. If there is no email in Spam/Junk folder, just send an email account to [email protected], here is the info required:
  1. An email account that can receive emails normally
  2. Your IMEI number
  3. PayPal Transaction ID