Fix iPhone/iPad Unable to Check for Update iOS 16/iPadOS 16

Hi Darren,

I got an error message saying “Unable to Check for Update – An error occurred while checking for a software update” when trying to update my iPhone to the latest iOS 16.

How can I fix this issue? Any help would be much appreciated!

Apple iOS updates are a normal and an expected part of owning Apple products. You also can schedule updates for installation overnight, so you don’t need to take time out of your busy schedule to do it yourself.

However, sometimes errors occur that prevent your iPhone or iPad from automatically checking for updates. Here are a few ways to troubleshoot if your iPad or iPhone is unable to check for an update for iOS 16.

Because this sort of error can occur when Apple’s servers are down, it’s best to check Apple’s System’s Status first.

Fix iPhone/iPad Unable to Check for Update (iOS 16/iPadOS 16)

If your iPad or iPhone is unable to check for an update, you can follow these steps to troubleshoot your problem.

1. Disconnect From Your WiFi Network, then Reconnect

Always check your internet connection before you begin troubleshooting. iOS updates require a fast and reliable internet connection for wireless installation, so your issue might not be with your phone’s system itself but rather your wireless network.

If your device is having trouble connecting to WiFi, address network problems first. You can easily solve a random network error by disconnecting your iPhone or iPad from its internet access and reconnecting it again.

Head into your device’s “Settings” menu, scroll to “WiFi,” and toggle the switch to “off.” Wait a few seconds, then toggle the switch back to “on.”

iphone xs wifi network

You can also toggle WiFi on and off by putting your phone into Airplane Mode.

Head into the device’s “Settings,” scroll to “Airplane Mode,” and toggle the switch to “on.” Wait a few seconds before toggling the switch to “off” again. Putting your device into Airplane Mode turns off wireless radio connections, including your phone’s WiFi.

You can toggle Airplane Mode on and off quickly through your shortcut screen, too – just look for the little airplane symbol.

airplane mode iphone

After performing these troubleshooting tasks, wait for your device to reconnect to WiFi and try checking for the system update again.

2. Try Another WiFi Network

If you’re still unable to check for the iOS 16 update or your iPad is unable to check for the update iPadOS 16, and resetting your connection to your WiFi network doesn’t solve the issue; try a different WiFi network. It could be the network at your favorite local coffee shop or bookstore or even your WiFi connection at work.

Head into your “Settings,” go to “WiFi,” and choose a different available network (that you either have a password for or is public WiFi).

It has been proved a good way to resolve the iPhone won’t update issue.

3. Change DNS Settings

DNS stands for “Domain Name System.” Our iPhones and iPads use DNS to find specific locations we want to visit on the internet. Your current DNS is supplied by your internet service provider and can be slow to load webpages or even prevent your iPhone or iPad from checking for updates.

Changing your DNS settings won’t harm your device, but it’s essential to use a DNS server you trust. To troubleshoot this issue, we use Google’s public DNS (,

To change your device’s DNS settings, head into your “Settings” menu, scroll to “WiFi,” select the blue information icon on the right side of your current connected WiFi network (a blue “i” with a circle around it), and scroll down until you see “DNS.”

change iphone dns

Here, you can click on “Configure DNS,” select “Manual,” and choose to add a server. Type in “,

After changing your DNS settings, return to your settings screen and check for an update.

4. Remove the Updates and Download Again

If you’re still experiencing trouble updating your iOS or your iPadOS, you might need to uninstall a partial update and redownload the update again.

First, you’ll need to check to see if your device only downloaded a partial update.

Head into your “Settings,” open “General,” and go to “iPhone Storage” (or iPad).

Locate the iOS or iPadOS update in the list of apps that appears. Select the iOS or iPadOS update and select “Delete Update.”

delete ios update

Then head into your “Settings,” go into “General,” and select “Software Update” to see if you can find the wireless update again.

settings general software update

5. Update with Computer

If wirelessly updating your device hasn’t worked, you can manually update your iOS or iPadOS from your computer. First, make sure you’re using a computer you trust. Public computers are not recommended for this process.

Make sure your computer isn’t using your iPhone’s or iPad’s Personal Hotspot. If it is, disconnect from the Personal Hotspot and connect to a different WiFi network before proceeding. You can also use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet.

Step 1. If your Mac has macOS Catalina 10.15, begin by opening Finder. If your Mac instead has macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier or you are using a PC, start by opening iTunes.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via its USB cable.

Step 3. Next, locate your device on your computer.

  • If you’re using a Mac with macOS Catalina, your device’s name will appear in the Finder’s sidebar. Click on the device’s name to select it.
  • If you’re using an earlier version of macOS or a PC, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Your device’s name will appear in the upper left-hand corner of iTunes. Click on your device’s name to select it.

Step 4. Finally, select “Check for an update.” iTunes will start to download the iOS 16 update and install it in your device.

finder iphone check for update

6. Try an iOS System Repair Software

If none of the above ways work for you, the final solution is to use a third-party repair software such as Tenorshare ReiBoot. We’ve tested this software and it worked for our iPhone 11 with the problem of unable to check for update.

reiboot fix ios update issues


Not being able to check for an update can be problematic when it comes to keeping up with the integrity of your phone or the latest versions of apps. If your iPad or iPhone is unable to check for an update, with these few steps, you should be able to easily solve the problem and get the full potential from your device.

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