How to Ask Boost Mobile Customer Service to Unlock a Phone?

We already know that Boost Mobile sells all its phones and tablets locked. If you are reading this article, you are likely wondering how to contact Boost to unlock your phone so that you can use it on other mobile networks, right?

This article covers how to contact Boost Mobile’s customer service, explaining the prerequisites and the steps to submit an unlock request. You will also discover a much simpler unlocking method that does not involve Boost Mobile.

Part 1. How to Request Boost Mobile Customer Service for a Phone Unlock

Boost Mobile’s device unlocking process is not any different from other network carriers. One must meet specific eligibility requirements to qualify for a free device unlocking.

Summarized below are the eligibility criteria, required items and instructions for unlocking your device through Boost Mobile.

1.1 Boost Mobile Eligibility Requirements

For existing customers, the following requirements must be met to be eligible for free device unlocking:

  • You bought the phone directly from Boost Mobile
  • The device has been operating on the Boost network for not less than 12 months
  • You must have made a payment in the last 90 days of the 12 months required period
  • The device can be unlocked (it is SIM unlock capable)
  • Your Boost account is in good standing
  • The device has not been blacklisted (involved in fraudulent activities, reported as lost or stolen)

Requirements for Military Customers

If you are military personnel deploying to areas outside Boost’s coverage, your phone will be unlocked at request even if it has not clocked the 12 months eligibility requirement. Other requirements apply.

Additionally, Boost Mobile permits every phone number linked to your account to unlock at most two devices every year.

However, you must provide proof of deployment, i.e. deployment papers, when submitting an unlock request.

1.2 Unlocking Boost Phones: The Prerequisites

You will need a few things ready before you contact Boost Mobile’s customer service.

  1. IMEI number: The easiest way to obtain any phone’s IMEI number is to dial *#06#. Alternatively, you can check the device’s information from the settings app (Settings > About phone for Android and Settings > General > About for iPhones) or the packaging.
  2. Account details: Boost will need to verify your account, so ensure you have basic account details such as the account number, the holder’s name and the phone number readily available
  3. Proof of Deployment: if military personnel, ensure you have your deployment papers readily available.

1.3 How Boost Mobile Customer Service Unlock Your Phone

Before Unlocking

As previously mentioned, a key eligibility criterion for unlocking is ensuring your phone isn’t blacklisted. To verify this, the only way is to use an IMEI checker. Simply dial *#06# to retrieve your IMEI number, and then submit it to a reputable IMEI checker. This will provide you with a report detailing all the device information, including its blacklist status. We recommend the WipeLock IMEI checker. Unlike many online services that generate IMEI reports from outdated databases, WipeLock manually verifies each IMEI with experts, ensuring the most up-to-date device information.

Only when the blacklist status of your phone is "Clean," can you unlock it.

boost mobile samsung imei report

Submitting an unlock request is relatively simple. If you have met the eligibility requirements and have all the necessary information ready;

Step 1: Call customer support – Reach out to Boost Mobile’s customer service at 1-833-502-6678

Step 2: Submit an unlock request – Inform the customer representative that you would like an unlock code for your phone and provide the required details.

Step 3: Wait for Approval – Boost Mobile will verify the account details and send you an unlock code if you are eligible.

Approval of unlock requests usually take up to 24 hours if you are on the BoostUP! installment plan. If not, you might have to wait for 48 hours or more.

To increase the chances of unlocking your phone successfully;

  • Don’t remove your Boost SIM card from the phone
  • Ensure the phone is connected to the internet via Boost network or Wi-Fi the whole time.

Part 2. Best Way to Unlock – Using DirectUnlocks

While it is free of charge, unlocking your phone through Boost Mobile can be challenging (you must meet all the eligibility requirements) and time-consuming(waiting up to 48 hours to receive an unlock code).

That is why we recommend using DirectUnlocks, a fast, simple and convenient phone unlocking service that will do the same job and achieve the same results within 24 hours. In addition, DirectUnlocks does not impose eligibility requirements on its customers. The only requirement for unlocking a phone using DirectUnlocks is the IMEI number.

2.1 Why DirectUnlocks Is Better Than the Official Method

Even though Boost Mobile recommends using the official method to unlock their phones, DirectUnlocks has proven to be better and more convenient for the following reasons:

It is Faster

While it takes Boost Mobile up to 48 hours to unlock a device, DirectUnlocks can unlock the same device in 15 minutes. Exceptional cases might extend to 24 hours which is still better than Boost Mobile’s. DirectUnlocks’s turnaround time makes it the best choice for those looking to unlock their devices urgently.

It has zero eligibility requirements.

You don’t have to worry about eligibility requirements when you choose DirectUnlocks. It does not require waiting 6 – 12 months or providing deployment papers to qualify for unlocking.

It is more straightforward.

Everyone wants a straightforward process, and that is what DirectUnlocks offers. Unlike Boost Mobile, which requires account details, submitting an unlock request, etc., DirectUnlocks only needs your phone’s IMEI number.

It can unlock non-Boost devices.

As stated in the unlocking policy, Boost Mobile does not unlock devices from other network carriers, which means you must contact the phone’s original network carrier. DirectUnlocks, on the other hand, can unlock phones, making it easy to join other mobile networks without worrying about the original carrier.

2.2 How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone Using DirectUnlocks

Are you ready to give your smartphone experience a boost? Fill out the unlock form below and wait for the success message.

Step 0: Visit DirectUnlocks Boost Mobile phone unlocking page.

boost phone directunlocks

Step 1: Obtain your phone’s IMEI number – dial *#06# to display the IMEI number on the screen

Step 2: Provide the required details – enter the IMEI number from Step 1. Click the “Unlock Your Boost Mobile Phone” button when done.

Step 3: Make payment – pay the unlocking fee to finalize your order. DirectUnlocks will verify the details and then begin processing the order.

Step 4: Unlock your phone – DirectUnlocks will email you the unlock code and instructions to unlock your phone. iPhones and iPads are unlocked remotely.

Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your Boost Mobile phone without worrying about eligibility requirements and long waiting periods.

Final Words

If you prefer the official method, Boost Mobile’s customer service will be ready to help you unlock your phone at the end of the 12 months. As you have seen, you must meet the eligibility requirements to get an unlock code.

If time is of the essence (it usually is), we suggest using DirectUnlocks. It is a faster, more straightforward solution that will not bother you with eligibility requirements.

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