Cellunlocker In-depth Review: Does It Really Work?

Are you struggling to find a verified way to unlock your device from the network lock or iCloud lock?

Want to use Cellunlocker.net service for your locked device? But don’t know whether it worth trying?

I know how hard and time consuming it can be to find the right way to get your device unlocked.

We made a full review for Cellunlocker service to help you learn how to unlock your device.

Part 1. Cellunlocker Full Review: Read This Before Trying

There’re so many unlocking service providers who claim to unlock your device within minutes, but most of them are scammers.

Is Cellunlocker one of them? Read on to learn the details.

1.1 What Is Cellunlocker?

Cellunlocker.net is an unlock service provider who claims to be able to unlock 99% of phones regardless of the brand and model, including iPhone, Samsung, LG, etc.

They offer two types of unlocking services: network unlock & iCloud unlock. With their services, users don’t need to download any software to unlock.

One of the most important things you should note is Cellunlocker doesn’t support for phones purchased after January 26th, 2013 in the USA.

1.2 Is Cellunlocker Legit for Phone/iCloud unlocks?

This unlocking service is 100% legit for users from the USA and Canada. For those who are outside of these countries, you’ll need to get permission from your carrier to unlock your device.

1.3 How Does Cellunlocker Work?

Cellunlocker.net service unlocks your handset by offering an unlock code to you.

After submitting the info of your handset (IMEI, Network, Country), Cellunlocker will scan its database to check if an unlock code is available for your device. If yes, they will deliver the unlock code via email along with the unlocking instructions.

1.4 How Much Does Cellunlocker Charge?

The price of Cellunlocker.net service is varied from a different country, network and phone model. You’ll get the price after selecting the model and the carrier of your smartphone.

In general, the cost of this service is more expensive compared to other competitors. For example, an iPhone 11 Pro Max locked to ATT USA will cost $59.99.

The price is not affordable for most people. So, using a cheaper alternative will be a good idea.

1.5 Is Cellunlocker Reliable? Does It Work?

It may work. The reason why I’m not sure about this is that Cellunlocker cannot unlock our devices.

You know, we’re a team who research & test unlocking methods. We tested this service with our iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 6. The results were not good- they failed to unlock either of the handsets.

We received an email from Cellunlocker, it said both our devices are reported as stolen or lost. This is so ridiculous since we can use the devices normally before submitting the orders!

The worse thing is that we cannot get our money back due to their unreasonable refund policy- they DO NOT offer a refund for failed unlocks.

Only two situations can be refunded:

  1. They failed to find the matched unlock code to your handset.
  2. As discussed above, Cellunlocker will scan its database to find an unlock code for your device after offering the phone info and making a purchase.

    If there is no matched unlock code, they will refund the money.

  3. A video to prove that the offered unlock code doesn’t work
  4. You need to contact the support to learn the detailed requirements.

1.6 How Many Times Do I Have to Pay Cellunlocker?

Twice. Just as most phone unlocking services, you’ll need to pay an additional fee to complete the unlock. However, after we finished the second payment, we still got nothing.

Personally, I don’t recommend Cellunlocker service due to the results. We also tested some other unlock services, few of them can actually work. Read on to find our favorite unlocking service.

Part 2. The Effective Unlocking Service You Should Never Miss

Finally, we managed to unlock our iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 6 by using DirectUnlocks:

directunlocks phone unlock

DirectUnlocks is one of the few unlocking services that actually work. They unlocked our devices within 24 hours. Differing from Cellunlocker, DirectUnlocks will remotely unlock your device from the locked network. You need to do nothing, but just wait!

Features of DirectUnlocks

  • Unlock your device remotely: the professionals will do everything for you
  • Permanently unlock: your device won’t be locked again no matter where you go and what SIM card you use
  • Reasonable price: start from $28 to $50 depending on the model & network of your devices
  • Legit and safe unlock: won’t do any harm to your device or void your warranty
  • Real money-back guarantee: dislike Cellunlocker, you can get your money back if they failed to unlock

The main downside of this service is that it only supports iPhone and Samsung devices. For other brands, you may want to try IMEIdoctor.

Steps to Unlock Your Device

Step 1. Go to DirectUnlocks iPhone Unlock or Samsung Unlock page.

Step 2. Choose the model, country, and network. Then enter the IMEI of your device. You can find it by dialing *#06#

unlock iphone 11 verizon

Step 3. Submit your order and make a payment. Then wait up to 24 hours to allow DirectUnlocks to unlock your device.

verizon usa unlock complete

The steps are straightforward for you. This service will help you unlock your device without tech knowledge required.

BTW, DirectUnlocks also offers iCloud unlocking service, but we haven’t tested it. We’ll let you know after we a test. For iCloud removal, you can try another service- AppleiPhoneUnlock. This service is verified and worked smoothly for us. You’ll like it!

In Conclusion

Unlocking a device from its network is not so easy for most of you. It’s wise to choose an unlock service if you can afford the fees. Due to our experience, we won’t recommend you use Cellunlocker.

That’s all I have to say, if you too have a locked iPhone or Samsung, then DirectUnlocks is a recommended service to consider.

About the Author

Darren is an Apple Certified Independent Technician with a passion for researching all aspects of phone locks, including Activation Lock, carrier lock, screen lock, FRP lock, and more. With years of experience in the mobile phone industry, Darren has become a leading authority in his field and has been a sought-after consultant for individuals and businesses seeking to unlock their devices.


  • DirectUnlocks is 999% legit! They quickly helped me. Highly recommend over any over website they unlock your iphone remotely you dont even need to enter a code!!

  • Cellunlocker doesn’t respect for customers whose order didn’t go true ,it takes time before they accept to refund ur money and even when they do ur refund won’t hit ur account.It better to try other Unlockers but here is wack

  • After trying cellunlocker l was ready to give up but decided to try directunlocks. Within 6 hours they sent me the code along with great instructions. Had my phone unlocked within minutes!! Give them a try.

  • Sent in my phone info and IMEI to cellunlocker.net on June 3, 2020. Received an update a couple of days later saying that they were still working on it. That’s the last I heard from them. I have sent numerous emails and called their 800# (a joke) but it is now June 23 and I’ve had no further response. Not recommended!

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