How to Get FreedomPop SIM Network Unlock PIN for Free?

FreedomPop gained popularity by being the first mobile provider to offer a free mobile plan. More mobile providers may have joined that list, but FreedomPop’s free cellular plan is still unbeatable.

The free data, minutes, texts, and comprehensive network coverage may immediately attract you to use their services, but when you need good data deals and family plans, you are better off going with other providers.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can use other network providers on your FreedomPop phone to get better deals. We’ll discuss all the requirements and steps you’ll need for this to be successful.

Unlocking Your FreedomPop Phone

Unlocking your FreedomPop phone to support other network providers is not a complicated task. Let’s now discuss what you must do before you begin the unlocking process and the two methods you can use.

Part 1: Confirm Your Phone’s Blacklist Status…

Before unlocking your FreedomPop phone, or any network-locked phone, you should first check its blacklist status.

Most network providers, if not all, do not unlock their phones if they have been flagged as lost, stolen, or fraudulent. Among other requirements, network providers require your phone’s blacklist status to be clean.

Confirming any phone’s blacklist status is relatively easy and only involves two steps; getting the phone’s IMEI and checking the blacklist status using a professional tool like WipeLock IMEI Checker.

 i) Find Your Phone’s IMEI

First things first, find your phone’s IMEI and write it down.

The IMEI checker will use these unique 15 digits to identify your phone on the database and return all the details. You will also need it later on during the unlocking process.

There are several ways to find your phone’s IMEI, but the most direct one is dialing  *#06#.

dial to get imei number

ii) Confirm Your Phone’s Blacklist Status Using WipeLock IMEI Checker

You can use other IMEI checker services, but when you want a comprehensive report like the screenshot below, I recommend using WipeLock IMEI Checker.

Unlike most online IMEI checkers that automatically generate IMEI reports, the WipeLock IMEI checker manually checks the IMEI database to give you a thorough report of your phone’s status.

wipelock imei checker blacklist status clean

Now that your phone’s IMEI is ready, head to the WipeLock IMEI checker to confirm the blacklist status. Enter your phone’s IMEI number and follow the instructions to complete the order.

order wipelock imei checker

Don’t stop here if the blacklist status is not clean. We have included a solution that will allow you to unlock your phone.

Part 2: Unlock Your FreedomPop Phone

Now that you have confirmed your phone’s blacklist status, it’s time to unlock it. Several methods can be used, but they all fall into two categories: free and solutions.

Option 1: Free Solution

We all love free stuff, so let’s start with how you can unlock your FreedomPop phone for free. You can use several free unlock services to remove network carrier locks, but the best is always the one offered by your network provider.

Even though most network providers unlock their phones free of charge, certain conditions must be met before they can even consider the network unlock request.

These requirements differ for each provider, but a few, like clean blacklist status, apply to almost all of them. For your unlock request to be granted by FreedomPop, you’ll have to meet the following requirements.

Requirements for Unlocking FreedomPop Phones
  • Your phone should not have been reported as lost, stolen, or fraudulent (Blacklist status = clean)
  • Your phone should not be associated with a fraudulent account.
  • If you bought an iPhone from FreedomPop, it must have been on a paid active FreedomPop plan for 12 conductive months before you submit the unlock request.
How to Unlock FreedomPop Phone via

If your phone meets the abovementioned requirements, you can send an unlock request to [email protected]. You will receive feedback from FreedomPop via private message once everything has been verified.

Option 2: Paid Solution: DirectUnlocks

In case you don’t meet FreedomPop’s unlock requirements, blacklist status included, you can always use 3rd party unlock services.

Even though some are expensive, and finding a genuine service can be a hassle, you won’t have to worry about the requirements of your network provider.

DirectUnlocks is a safe and legit online unlocking service that will unlock your phone within 24hrs. With DirectUnlocks, you can remove network carrier locks from any model of the major phone brands.

Whether it’s a carrier lock, Activation lock, or FRP lock, DirectUnlocks is the tool you need.

How to Unlock FreedomPop Phone Using DirectUnlocks

Remember your phone’s IMEI that you had noted down earlier? Now you’ll need it. Follow the steps below to unlock your phone.

Step 1: Go to DirectUnlocks unlock FreedomPop page.

directunlocks freedompop unlock

Step 2: Select your phone’s model from the dropdown menu, then enter its IMEI number. Click the Unlock Your FreedomPop Phone button once done.

Step 3: On the next page, click Pay with Credit/Debit Card to complete the payment.

Why Unlocking Your FreedomPop Phone Could be a Good Idea

Unlocking your phone to support other mobile networks might be a crazy idea initially, but the benefits you’ll reap will be worth it. Some of these benefits include:

  • Less roaming charges when traveling around the world. Using SIM cards from local carriers will save you a lot of money. 
  • Freedom to switch to cheaper mobile networks with better plans.
  • Ability to use two different SIM cards on the same phone (if your phone is dual SIM)
  • More money when you sell the phone (unlocked phones fetch more cash than locked ones). Unlocked phones also sell fast.

Editor’s Comment

FreedomPop’s free plan may be attractive, but when you need better data deals, you’ll have to unlock your phone to support other mobile networks.

Unlocking your phone through the carrier is always the recommended option. Still, you can also use professional unlocking services to remove carrier locks when you don’t meet your carrier’s unlock requirements.

Let us know in the comments section if the methods discussed above solved your problem. Cheers!

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