How to Unlock O2 Phone without Account to Any Carrier? [Solved]

Carrier unlocks are an incredibly useful thing that benefits mobile phone owners in a lot of ways. At first, having a locked phone isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Generally speaking, if you sign a contract with O2 then you shouldn’t be surprised that your phone will be locked to the network for a while. But after a contract expires, some people like having the option to use a separate carrier and usually because it works out cheaper.

To do this, you must unlock O2 phone and we’re going to be explaining how this works.

Part 1. Common Questions about O2 Unlock

1.1 How to Tell If Your O2 Phone is Unlocked?

Let’s start by covering an important point: are O2 phones unlocked? Because if they are, there’s no need for you to do anything else! Here are some criteria that may help to determine if an O2 phone unlock is necessary:

  • iPhones bought from O2 after the 1st of August 2018 should automatically unlock
  • Android smartphones bought from O2 after the 1st of January 2019 should be unlocked
  • If you bought an Alcatel or Doro brand device from O2, it won’t be unlocked
  • O2 dongles from Huawei bought after 1st of April 2019 are automatically unlocked

If you run through this list and still aren’t sure, there’s a handy trick to try. Take out the O2 SIM card, insert a SIM from a different carrier, and see if the device works properly.

For iOS devices, you can also check without SIM card.

1.2 Why Should I Unlock an O2 Phone?

A number of benefits are given to users when they unlock an O2 phone.

1. Best of all is that you can insert any SIM card from any other carrier. This means you aren’t limited to O2’s phone plans and are free to find the cheapest plan from a different carrier which suits your needs best.

2. In addition, you can switch out your SIM card for travel purposes. If you use an O2 phone abroad then you’ll be charged a lot, but if you get a SIM card from the place you’re travelling, the costs will be a lot lower.

3. And to top it off, you can sell your phone easier. People who see that you unlock O2 iPhone will recognize this and will be more willing to buy it since they can put any SIM card they want into it.

1.3 Is it Legal to Unlock O2 Phone?

The simple answer is yes because it isn’t legal to unlock O2 phone anywhere.

A short list of carriers refuse to issue unlock codes in certain countries, but there are usually ways of getting around this.

For anyone who has a problematic carrier who won’t help then unlock a phone, take a look at our first method.

Part 2. Fastest Way to Unlock O2 Phone (Within 24 Hours)

Now onto the first method, the approach we recommend the most – using a carrier unlocking service to unlock without O2 account.

2.1 Why Choose an O2 Unlocking Service

So, why should you choose a service over the typical unlock code method? There are several reasons why this method is superior:

  • The fastest way: usually get your phone unlocked within 24 hours
  • There are no changes made to the phone’s hardware, therefore your warranty isn’t voided
  • Your phone will permanently unlock after a professional has taken care of it for you
  • The whole O2 phone unlocking process is done remotely
  • Can even unlock your phone when it is reported as lost or stolen
  • Money-back guarantee if they failed to unlock

These are enough reasons for us to state that unlocking your phone with a service is the right way.

2.2 The Best O2 Phone Unlock Service

On to the next question: what service should I use for my O2 phone unlock?

directunlocks phone unlock

DirectUnlocks is by far the best iPhone/Samsung unlock service to meet your expectations. Of course it can also unlock LG, Huawei, and more brands. It’s very easy to use and provides phone unlocking at a fraction of the price which O2 offers.

For other brands, DotorSIM will be your good choice.

Use the steps below to get started:

2.3 Steps to Unlock O2 iPhone 7 without Account

Step #1 – Open the DirectUnlocks O2 network unlock page.

Step #2 – Retrieve the O2 device’s IMEI number by dialling *#06# on your phone, and enter this number into the website.

directunlock order o2 unlock

Step #3 – After clicking “Continue”, review the order and submit the device details. You’ll then get an order number.

With your order number, you can use the “Order Tracking” feature to check the status of your unlock.

unlock o2 uk complete

This will take you less than 5 minutes, and then you just have to wait. Once a professional has dealt with your unlock within a day, you can insert any carrier’s SIM card you want!

Part 3. Unlock O2 Phone with Unlock Code (Up to 14 Days)

On the other hand, you can request an unlock code from O2. This will cost you a pretty penny and it’ll take longer than a service, but it’ll unlock O2 phone anyway.

3.1 How to request O2 unlock code?

Step #1 – Go to O2 unlock request page.

Step #2 – Fill out the form with your phone’s details.

Step #3 – After providing the information requested, wait until O2’s team contact you.

Step #4 – O2 will contact you with further instructions on how to complete the unlock.

That’s as straight forward as it gets, but getting your unlock code can take 2 weeks maximum, so if you’re in a hurry this isn’t the ideal way to unlock O2 iPhone.

3.2 How Can I Receive Unlock Code?

If you are an iPhone owner then O2 will text message you the unlocking code with instructions on how to proceed. For Android owners, an email will be sent instead.

Simply follow the instructions after you receive the text or email and then switch out the O2 SIM card with another carrier’s SIM card.

3.3 Why I Cannot Get an Unlock Code?

Basically, for O2 to provide customers with an unlock code, they have to contact the device’s manufacturer. Newer devices like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models don’t usually take a long time, but older models can take as long as 10 working days (2 weeks) before the code is received and you can unlock O2 phone.

3.4 Cons of using O2 Unlock Code

  • It can take a long time (10 working days) for O2 to provide the unlock code
  • If you’re not currently in the UK, you won’t be able to use O2’s unlocking service
  • O2 are only able to unlock phones that were bought from them


That wraps up everything you need to know in order to unlock O2 phone successfully. Keep in mind all of the benefits of doing this, as well as the methods for approaching this task, and you won’t run into any problems along the way.

Our recommendation is that you use DirectUnlocks O2 unlock, a service that is known for successful phone unlocks. Using a flawless process, there’s no doubting it as the best way to unlock any phone from any carrier.

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