Can Sprint Customers Switch to T-Mobile? How?

It’s no news anymore that Sprint has been merged into the T-Mobile network.

And many Sprint customers are left confused, begging the question: can Sprint customers switch to T-Mobile

The answer is a resounding Yes.

We are here to work you through the process of switching from Sprint to t-mobile.

Whether you’re an existing Sprint customer, prepaid customer, or a well-meaning citizen just wanting know-how, we’ve got you covered.

Part 1. Can Sprint Customers Switch to T-Mobile

Existing Sprint customers can now easily switch to T-Mobile from Sprint with a simple SIM swap.

Here’s a word of note: your preexisting plans on your Sprint account remain the same, i.e. your billings, balance, and Sprint plans.

The only difference is that you will be operating on the full power of the T-Mobile network as the primary network.

Here are a handful of perks you will receive as an existing Sprint customer which includes:

  • Your device will run on a fast-paced T-Mobile network coverage, which is one of the largest in the US.
  • You’ll get free access to T-Mobile’s Scam shield app with exciting features like Scam ID, Scam Block, and a Caller ID
  • You get to keep your pocket-friendly plans and billings on Sprint for now.

Part 2. How to Know If You’re Eligible for Switching

Now, here is a checklist for you to be eligible to migrate to the T-Mobile network:

  • You must be in an area covered by the T-Mobile network (Sub-urban areas might be an exception).
  • You have an eligible plan
  • You have a T-Mobile-enabled device(check here for the eligibility of your device)
    check sprint tmobile compatibility 1
    check sprint tmobile compatibility 2

If you’ve checked all the boxes without blinking an eye then you are on the right track.

But if you’re still left scratching your head then you can do any of the following:

Option 1. Visit a retail store or call the customer care line: 888-211-4727, to check if your account meets the requirements.

Option 2. If you would like to visit the store instead; you can set up an appointment on the store locator so that you can be attended to promptly. To do this:

  • Visit the store locator on your browser.
  • Fill in your location and use the filter to choose “Serves Sprint customers”
  • Select the store nearest to you and then click on appointment.

Part 3. Things to Do Before Switching from Sprint to T-Mobile

Here’s what you need to do before switching from Sprint to T-Mobile network:

  • Don’t insert the T-Mobile sim card before contacting costomer support, unless the flow instructs you to.
  • Update your device operating system to the latest version.
  • Enable system backup. You can backup your Android device on Google drive and your iOS device on iCloud.
  • Back up your voicemails because they will be erased eventually. Follow the steps below to do this:
    1. Turn on Wi-Fi
    2. Click on the Visual voi/cemail app
    3. Tap on the menu icon
    4. Go to settings
    5. Click on auto export
    6. Toggle on the auto export radio button
  • For smartwatch(like Apple, Galaxy, and Fitbit) users, pair your watch to your phone so that it can be connected to the T-Mobile network.

Part 4. How to Switch from Sprint to T-Mobile

You can visit a retail store or call the customer care line (888-211-4727) to help you through the process.

If you ordered a T-Mobile SIM together with your phone order. Here’s what to do:

Note: Do not insert the T-Mobile sim before contacting customer care unless the guidelines tell you to.

Part 5. After Switching: Here is What to Do

Welcome to the T-Mobile network experience if you’ve successfully switched over.

You get to enjoy the combined speed and efficiency of both Sprint and T-Mobile networks.

Additionally, T-Mobile is compatible with a wide range of devices as it uses GSM networks as opposed to the CDMA technology used on Sprint.

However, it remains to be seen if the merger will result in pricy network plans as already predicted.

And it will take some time before the 5G rollout of the carrier to reach more areas in the country.

Important Things to Note

  • Your Sprint billing experience remains the same except you add new lines, buy a new device, or make any other purchases.
  • You will now use T-Mobile as your primary network
  • You can continue to use the MySprint app to manage your account and pay your bills
  • You can use *2 to contact customer care and *3 to pay your bills on your phone
  • Although you can use most of your Sprint mobile apps today, there are a few exceptions to this.

The customer care center can enlighten you on the similar T-Mobile apps and apps that need to be downloaded.

If you swapped your device on you can do this:

  • For Android devices, the default T-Mobile apps will be automatically downloaded on your device. You can also download it from Google Play Store.
  • For Apple (IOS) devices you can install the native T-Mobile apps manually from the Apple store.

Lastly, if any apps didn’t carry over you can go to Google Play Store or Apple Store to download the previously installed apps.

Comparable Apps on the Sprint and T-Mobile Network

Sprint network T-Mobile network
Call screener Scam shield features like: Caller ID, Scam block, free number change
Sprint Visual voicemail T-Mobile visual voicemail

If you are experiencing any issues after switching to the T-Mobile network experience. Do any of the following:

  • Reboot your device or turn it off and on, to clear software bugs
  • Update your device to the latest OS version
  • If your still having issues you can contact the customer care line.

Part 6. How the Sprint and T-Mobile Merge Affect You

Better 5G Coverage

This is one of the major reasons for the merger, apart from being able to compete with other wireless carrier giants (like AT&T and Verizon) in the market.

The merger of Sprint and T-Mobile will help the latter cover more areas and reach more customers with a combined network infrastructure.

As the wireless Sprint LTE spectrum will be absorbed into the T-Mobile network they will be able to provide a better service for consumers.

In other words, existing Sprint customers will notice a significant increase in network coverage and data speeds.

T-Mobile network promises to serve 97% of American customers with 5G coverage in 3 years and 99% in no more than 5 years.

Now that’s a big call but it remains feasible with more finance and network resources at their disposal.

T-Mobile users will also receive a benefit of the doubt from this merger and will eventually experience more network bandwidth and 5G connectivity.

What it Means for Sprint and T-Mobile Data Plans

Existing T-Mobile, Sprint and Prepaid customers will keep enjoying their regular data plans and billings at no extra charges.

This will continue until the end of 2023 before some adjustments can be made to the plans.

Though if you wish to switch over to the T-Mobile plan you would have to clear up your existing debt on your Sprint plan.

After that, you can choose whatever T-Mobile plan you wish but you wouldn’t be considered a new user. So, you will not get the privileges of new customers.

How it Will Affect Prepaid Customers

As part of the merger deal $5 billion worth of Sprint, assets were sold to the Dish network including the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), Boost mobile.

This was done to please the regulatory bodies and encourage healthy competition among network carriers.

Although the Dish Network has a big chunk of the Sprint MVNO, it still operates on the T-Mobile network carrier.

As for Prepaid customers, your plans remain the same for the time being but expect changes as the smaller companies look to make adjustments as a result of the merger.

Boost customers who are on older devices will also need to check if their devices will be compatible with the T-Mobile network.

Do You Need to Get a New Phone?

Recent devices like iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S20 will have no issues tapping into the T-Mobile spectrum.

How fast your device can go on in terms of downloads and browsing speed would be dependent on your device network specifications.

But devices from 2018 or older may not be compatible to run on the carrier.

If your device is not suitable then you would have to purchase a new device and register a T-Mobile sim as a new customer.

Additionally, older Sprint phones use the CDMA network which is mostly not compatible with other network carriers.

Your best bet would be to buy an unlocked phone that supports GSM and usually runs on the Sprint network.


Thanks for making it this far!

I believe you’ve learned how to switch T-Mobile from Sprint with little hassle.

This article will constantly be updated to reflect the latest happenings and results from the merger.

So, try to check back later for fresh updates.

Meanwhile, you can leave your insightful comments and thoughts below on any issues you may be having in regards to the merger or switching to T-Mobile from Sprint.

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