How to Unlock Tesco Mobile: Free Unlock Code & Trusted IMEI Method

“After I bought my new phone I started to think it has been locked to the Tesco Mobile network. How can I check if this is true and how do I unlock it from Tesco Mobile?”

Carrier locks are incredibly limiting to anyone who purchases a second-hand phone or who wants to switch to a network with cheaper plans. This is because with a carrier lock, you can only use the phone on a specific network. In this case, encountering a Tesco Mobile lock will need to be remedied by learning how to unlock Tesco Mobile.

By reading this article you’ll learn how to check if your phone has actually been carrier locked, as well as what methods there are to unlock it.

Part 1. How to Know if Your Phone is Locked to Tesco Mobile?

First thing’s first: before unlocking a phone, we need to make sure it’s locked. If it turns out there isn’t actually a lock in place, then you can avoid this process altogether. To check if a mobile phone is locked to a carrier, follow these steps.

Step 1. Remove the current Tesco Mobile SIM card from your phone.

Step 2. Insert a SIM card from a different carrier (e.g. EE, T-Mobile, O2, etc).

check if iphone unlocked sim card

Step 3. Check if your phone connects to the different carrier network.

If the phone does connect then there isn’t a carrier lock, but if it refuses to connect to any network that isn’t Tesco Mobile, a carrier lock is active. If you don’t have a different SIM card, just check it without SIM card.

This will likely confirm that there is a carrier lock on your phone. In that case, the next thing to do is look into Tesco Mobile unlock solutions.

Part 2. How to Unlock Your Tesco Mobile Phone?

Although there are lots of different solutions to unlock Tesco Mobile phone, we’ve handpicked the 2 methods we believe to be the most effective and worth focusing on.

Method 1. Unlock Tesco Mobile with an Unlock Code (7 Days)

First of all, you can take the direct approach of contacting Tesco Mobile. By doing this, you can request an unlock code which you can then use to remove the carrier lock yourself. You will be charged for this service and how much you pay will differ depending on the Tesco Mobile plan that the SIM card has.

  • Bill Pay Plan. With this type of plan, you won’t have to make a payment, although you still have to meet the terms of your phone contract.
  • Pay As You Go. You may unlock your phone if it has been connected to the Tesco Mobile network for a minimum of 9 months. Otherwise, you are required to have a €150 balance.
  • Capped Plan. Similar to PAYG plans, you must have had the phone connected to the Tesco Mobile network for at least 9 months or have paid €150 in total.

Prices for a Tesco Mobile unlock are clearly very steep, so it’s not optimal. Nonetheless, here’s how you can proceed with unlocking this way:

Step 1. Go to the Tesco Mobile site and submit an unlock request form.

Step 2. Type the phone’s IMEI number which can be found in “Settings > General > About” on iPhones.

Step 3. Tesco will contact you in the next 7 days with unlock code and further instructions.

Although you’ll be waiting as long as a week to unlock Tesco Mobile, it gets the job done.

4 Limits of Carrier Code Unlock

In some cases, you can’t unlock your Tesco Mobile with this method.

  • New phones that have been recently released (the phone has to be 1-year old before Tesco Mobile will unlock it)
  • Phones that different carriers have locked (Tesco Mobile can only unlock their own phones)
  • Phones which are marked as lost, stolen, or for any other reason are banned from the network
  • Phones that were bought from different suppliers

Method 2. Unlock Tesco Mobile with DirectUnlocks (within 24 hrs)

directunlocks phone unlock

Alternatively, the method that we highly prefer, you can seek help from DirectUnlocks. This website offers phone unlocking for various devices (including iPhone, Samsung, LG, and more), and from virtually any carrier too.

This method can bypass all the limits of using an unlock code. Notable features include:

  • Unlocks your phone and removes all carrier limits
  • Experts remotely unlock the phone after you provide the IMEI number
  • Their service allows you to switch to any carrier you want afterwards
  • Permanently unlocks your phone even if you do a factory reset
  • Moneyback guarantee if the Tesco Mobile unlock doesn’t work (very unlikely)

Tesco Mobile Unlock Instructions

Given that this Tesco Mobile unlock method is significantly more affordable than the first way, it’s definitely worth checking out. Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1. Go to the DirectUnlocks Tesco Mobile unlock page.

Step 2. Using the drop-down lists, select the type of mobile phone you have as well as the region which you are in. You can choose from different devices here.

Step 3. Below these lists, enter the IMEI number of the device you want to unlock. You will find this number by calling *#06#.

tesco mobile unlock service

Step 4. Click “Continue” after entering the device details. Confirm that you have typed the correct details by reviewing the order summary, and proceed to submit your payment information.

Finally, once all the required information is entered, the order will be processed and the phone will unlock within 24 hours.

tesco mobile unlock complete

That is literally all there is to it. All you’re required to do is submit a few basic details about the device, make the payment, and wait for the experienced professionals to remove the carrier lock. It couldn’t be any easier!


Using these solutions will enable you to unlock Tesco Mobile alongside several other UK carriers, removing the limits that have been imposed on your mobile phone. Whilst contacting the carrier directly is one option, it’s far from being the best option. The better choice would be to use DirectUnlocks Tesco Mobile unlock method. It comes at an extremely reasonable price, takes no time at all, and allows you to connect your phone to any other carrier afterwards.

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