How to Ask TracFone Customer Service to Unlock a Phone for Free?

TracFone is one of the service providers that were given directives to unlock all eligible phones of their customers by the Federal Communications Authority in 2014.

But, even after issuing such a bold directive, many TracFone users are still using locked phones.

I really wanted to know why because by now the disadvantages of having a locked phone are crystal clear even to the newbies.

Due to this, I wore my investigation hut and took to the streets to find out what was happening. And guess what?

Many senior users of TracFone are very less enlightened on how to ask for unlocking by their service provider, some never tried because they are not sure of the charges.

But not anymore.

This article is a game changer for all TracFone users with locked phones who are more than willing to unlock their phones.

All the important information that you require to know on how to unlock your phone by your service provider is here.

Also, I know that the process will be overwhelming to many so I have also reviewed the best option that you can use to unlock your phone.

Keep reading.

Part 1. Can TracFone Unlock Your Phone?

The right answer to this question is a YES with a BUT. Here is why….

TracFone will for sure unlock your phone but only if your phone is registered on their network and it is eligible for unlocking.

If it is eligible, being that it does not generate unlock codes, it will contact the manufacturer of your phone and request unlock codes.

Part 2. The Price of Asking TracFone Customer Service to Unlock

After the law was flip-flopped by the Federal Communication Commission, all service providers including Tracfone had directives to unlock all eligible phones for free.

This means that your phone will be unlocked for free only if it has met all the requirements that TracFone has put in place.

On the other hand, if your phone is not eligible for unlocking, you still have an option of going around the lock, but at a cost.

TracFone will charge you depending on the current situation of your phone in relation to the requirements.

Part 3. How to Ask TracFone Customer Service to Unlock a Phone

Asking for TracFone to unlock your phone is within your rights according to the new laws that were amended by the Federal Communication Commission in 2014.

For starters, you must confirm if your phone is eligible for unlocking if you want it to be done for you without paying.

3.1 Requirements

Here is a list of requirements that will earn you freedom without spending money.

  • First, your phone must have a TracFone account.
  • The TracFone account should have been active for at least 12 months.
  • Also, your phone must be in working condition.
  • You are not supposed to have any balance in your account.
  • In addition, you must request unlocking codes and prove you are the owner of the phone.
  • Lastly, your phone should not be blacklisted (flagged for fraud or theft)

TracFone does not compromise any of its requirements to anyone. As such, you must tick all the boxes of the requirements before they set you free.

3.2 Steps to follow

After you have confirmed your eligibility, here are the steps for unlocking your phone.

Step 0. Check the blacklist status: As mentioned above, TracFone can’t unlock a blacklisted device. You need to check the blacklist status and ensure it’s not blacklisted. The only way to check is via an IMEI checker. We highly recommend the WipeLock IMEI checker. Unlike many other IMEI checkers that rely on outdated databases, WipeLock’s reports are manually verified by experts to ensure the results are up-to-date.

Step 1. Call TracFone: Contact TracFone using their customer service number 1 800 867 7183. They only receive calls between 8:00 a.m. and 11:45 p.m.

Step 2. Request unlock codes:  Inform their representative about your decision to unlock your phone.

Step 3. Write down the unlock codes: After the representative has confirmed if your phone is eligible, they will tell you the unlock codes or request to send them to you after they receive them from your phone manufacturer. The best thing to do always is to write down the unlock codes so that you don’t forget them after receiving them.

Using this method will definitely give you unlock codes that will unlock your phone, but it has so many cons. And…. The disadvantages have scared many people away.

To help you make a more informed decision, before using this method, it is wise to go through the disadvantages first.

3.3 Disadvantages of using TracFone’s customer service

Here they are:

TracFone is expensive

Using this method might be free, but before you become eligible, there are expensive requirements that your phone must achieve.

One of the expensive requirements is clearing all the debts that you owe TracFone.

There are many requirements

 TracFone just like all other service providers has many hectic requirements that your phone must meet compared to using a third-party site like DirectUnlocks.

They take long to deliver codes

TracFone is very slow at delivering unlock codes. They can take many days without communicating back, and if you don’t do a follow-up, they might fail to send it.

They might fail to unlock your phone remotely

If TracFone are unable to verify your phone details and eligibility, you will be forced to visit their nearby store for your phone to be unlocked.

Part 4. Better Option to Unlock ~ DirectUnlocks

The requirements of unlocking your phone by TracFone are like modern slavery to many. The good thing is that it is something that you don’t have to put up with to have your phone unlocked.

Unbeknownst to many, there are other methods that you can use to unlock your TracFone phone but am only going to review the best ones based on performance and affordability.


directunlocks phone unlock

DirectUnlocks is a third-party unlocking site that will give your phone the full dose that it requires for it to be unlocked permanently.

The site has been approved by the Federal Communication Commission to unlock any phone permanently as long as it is not blacklisted due to fraud or theft.

The site has a rating of 4.7/5 with over 15041 clarified customer reviews. And, this itself is a clear indication that it is the most used and the best worldwide.

Also, the site is regularly updated so that it can unlock all types of phones including the latest versions.

Unlike TracFone service provider, DirectUnlocks will always unlock your phone remotely in less than 6 hours.

The main reason why you should choose DirectUnlocks is its ability to unlock any type of phone at an affordable price. Without any doubt, it is the most affordable third-party unlocking site.

Besides all this, it is the only third-party unlocking site that allows you to use your Bitcoins to settle your payments.

Step-by-step guide

The steps for unlocking your TracFone phone or any other type of locked phone on DirectUnlocks are very easy and flowing. Let me show you.

Step 0. Open DirectUnlocks TracFone unlocking page.

Step 1. Find IMEI number: Your IMEI number is the only requirement that you need to unlock your phone using DirectUnlocks. You can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06#.

dial get phone imei

Step 2. Fill unlock form: Enter your IMEI number into the unlock form.

tracfone directunlock

Step 3. Make payment: After submitting your IMEI number, you will be required to make full payment before the process begins.

Step 4. Unlocking process: In no time, after receiving payments, you will receive unlock codes if you are using an Android phone. If you are using IOS, in less than 24 hours your phone will have been unlocked remotely and permanently.

Final Thoughts

Technology has rewarded us with so many methods that you can use to unlock your phone without any stress.

Always go for a legal option that will be nice to your phone and pocket. Some methods might overcharge you and fail to give you the correct unlock codes.

The most important thing when you want to unlock your phone is your phone warranty, make sure the method does not affect it any bit.

After doing a thorough research and numerous attempts with more than five different phones, I concluded that DirectUnlocks is the only site that can unlock your phone easily and fast.

Visit their website today and have your phone unlocked in no time.

Adios, friend!

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