How to Unlock iPhone 13/12/11 (Pro/Max/Mini)? [Solved]

It’s really annoying when you bought a second-hand iPhone but found it is locked by Carrier/Screen/iCloud lock. In this article, we’ll be explaining how to unlock iPhone 13/12/11 and what solutions to consider.

To start things off we’ll be focussing on carrier unlocks.

Part 1. How to Unlock iPhone 13/12/11 Carrier?

Carrier locks have been something that cell phone owners have dealt with for years, and the recently released iPhone 12/11 has also been subject to carrier locking. Whilst there are a lot of people who aren’t aware of these locks and therefore aren’t bothered, many iPhone owners are.

If you’re not sure whether your iPhone is locked or not, you can check this post: How to Check If iPhone Is Unlocked/Locked? We’ve got 2 effective methods for unlocking an iPhone 12/11 carrier lock.

Note: before unlocking, you need to confirm the carrier your iPhone is locked to and your iPhone IMEI status (a blacklisted iPhone is very complicated to unlock) with a reliable iPhone Carrier Checker.


1.1 Contact Carrier – When the Contract is Finished

The quickest way to unlock iPhone for any carrier  for free would apply after your contract has come to an end. Simply contact your carrier by calling their support team, going to live chat, or sending an email, and requesting an unlock.

contact carrier to unlock iphone

Every carrier’s process differs slightly – some will do it for free and others will require you to buy an unlock key. To show you an example, here’s how you remove a carrier lock if your carrier is AT&T:

How to Unlock iPhone 12/11 from AT&T

Step 1. On a computer, go to the AT&T device unlock page and click “Unlock your device”.

att unlock

Step 2. Make sure you are eligible for a device unlock then enter your details, check the box, and click “Next”.

Step 3. After submitting the unlock request, you’ll be sent an email that lets you know the request was received and you have 24 hours to confirm you made this request.

Step 4. Within 48 hours AT&T will respond to the request and let you know if a carrier unlock is possible and if so, they’ll advise on next steps.

If your iPhone 13/12/11 isn’t eligible then disapproval is guaranteed, so don’t waste your time submitting the request at all.

1.2 If the Contract isn’t Finished – Using IMEI Unlock Service

directunlocks iphone unlock

If you’re in the unfortunate position of being stuck in a contract, hope isn’t lost just yet. First, check if the carrier will still allow you to unlock iPhone 13/12/11 carrier. Most of the time they won’t and in that case, an IMEI unlock service is best.

  • Permanently unlocks iPhone from a carrier
  • Supports unlocking all major carriers
  • Requires virtually no input from the user
  • Supports unlocking all iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 12
  • Also offers an iCloud Activation Lock removal service

IMEI unlocking services are the most reliable way of removing carrier locks and the best service in the industry is DirectUnlocks. Now we’ll explain how to unlock iPhone 12/11 using it.

How to Unlock iPhone 12/11 (Mini/Pro/Max) for Any Carrier?

Step 1. Go to the DirectUnlock iPhone Unlock page.

Step 2. Select the country and network your iPhone 13/12/11 is registered to.

Step 3. On your iPhone 12/11, dial *06 to view the IMEI number and enter this on DirectUnlocks.

unlock iphone 11 verizon

Step 4. Click “Continue” and the following pages will explain the payment process.

Most of the carriers can be unlocked within 24 hours using DirectUnlock, so if you’re not in a hurry this is the most effective way to remove carrier locks.

complete unlock iphone 11 verizon

1.3 Is it Legal to Unlock iPhone 13/12/11?

Almost always, the answer is yes – it is completely legal to unlock an iPhone. Some people are bound by their contract which states otherwise, but it’s very uncommon for smartphone contracts to explicitly state that customers can’t perform a carrier unlock under any circumstances.

Another consideration is the contract you have. If your contract comes to an end then there’s absolutely no reason to check with the carrier – the iPhone belongs to you. But if you have an ongoing contract, although it would be unprecedented, it’s worth double-checking the contract to be sure there is no risk of getting into trouble.

Part 2. How to Unlock iPhone 13/12/11 without Password?

Carrier locks aren’t the only security measure users face, they also need to know how to unlock iPhone 12/11 without passcode. Like every other iPhone model, the quickest method is to try using DFU Mode.

Step 1. Use a USB cable to connect the iPhone to a PC.

Step 2. On your iPhone, press and release the Volume Up and then the Volume Down button.

Step 3. Immediately press and hold the side/lock button. Continue doing this even when the screen goes black.

put iphone 11 into DFU mode

Step 4. After the screen darkens, press and hold Volume Down for roughly 5 seconds.

Step 5. Let go of the side/lock button but continue holding down the Volume Down button. Do not stop holding Volume Down for 10 seconds.

Step 6. Now that your iPhone is in DFU Mode, open iTunes and it’ll detect the device in Recovery Mode (DFU Mode).


Step 7. Click “Restore iPhone…” and follow the restore steps to unlock your iPhone without the passcode.

This is just a brief explanation of unlocking iPhones without the passcode. If this quick method didn’t get you anywhere, read our article to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes and learn more.

Part 3. How to Unlock iPhone 13/12/11 When it is iCloud Locked?

The only other type of lock that might prompt you to consider how to unlock iPhone 12/11 is an iCloud lock. Removing this has always proven to be a tedious task, but it’s not impossible and can be accomplished in a few different ways.

put iphone 11 into DFU mode

Since iCloud Activation Locks are in place specifically to prevent harmful individuals from wiping someone else’s iPhone, factory resetting isn’t an effective option. A guaranteed solution is to use an iCloud Activation Lock removal service, similar to the carrier unlock removal we discussed before.

Head back over to AppleiPhoneUnlock and take a look at the iCloud unlocking service they provide. For more information on removing iCloud locks, check out iCloud Activation Lock Removal FAQs and learn more methods.


Apple continues to impress us with their iPhone models and the iPhone 13/12/11 isn’t any different. It also has various locking mechanisms that urge users to figure out how to unlock iPhone 13/12/11 on occasion. Whatever the type of lock your new iPhone has (and that you want to remove), the various solutions above will help you out!

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