How to Unlock Koodo Phone (iPhone/Android) for Any Carrier

Maybe you want to switch to a different carrier network without buying a new phone, but you are stuck on how to unlock your Koodo phone. Luckily, we are here to help!

You can use three main methods to unlock your Koodo phone for the freedom you desire.

This article contains a step-by-step guide to help you in unlocking your phone. Read on to find the best method you can use to do so.

Method 1. Unlock Koodo Phone for Free in Self Serve

This method is convenient if you are short on cash or don’t want to spend money to unlock your phone. Luckily, you can do it yourself.

Before Unlocking – Important Points to Note

  • If you are buying your phone from Koodo, it will be unlocked instantly.
  • Koodo doesn’t unlock phones from carriers outside of their company or Telus.
  • You can sign up for easy roaming or use your phone at pay-per-use rates. This trick is helpful if you don’t want to use local numbers while in the U.S.
  • Canceling your account before the tab or tab bonus gets to a $0 balance means you will be charged on your next top-up.

Reasons You Can’t Unlock Your Phone

If you’re struggling to unlock your phone, check for one of these causes:

  • The phone comes from a different carrier other than Koodo or Telus.
  • The phone is lost or stolen.
  • The phone is blacklisted.

How to Unlock Koodo Phone for Free Online

You will first need your phone’s IMEI code before you proceed to unlock it for free.

Below are ways you can use to obtain the IMEI code:

  • Dial #06#, you will see the code pop on the screen
  • Check your phone’s box to see the IMEI code written
  • Find your IMEI from settings
  • You can also remove the battery and below it, check for a white label with a number, which is the IMEI code.

find iphone imei settings

After obtaining the IMEI number, you can now log online and unlock your phone.

Below is the procedure to unlock your phone online:

  • Log in to self serve
  • Choose Mobile services from the dropdown menu
  • Select unlock, indicated beside unlock your phone
  • Fill in the details required, then submit

How to Know If Your Phone is Unlocked Successfully?

For Android

To know if your phone unlock was successful, you will see a Koodo network unlock code, then receive a confirmation email with the unlock code.

Then insert another SIM card into your phone, it will require the SIM network unlock code, enter the one you received and tap Unlock. Your Koodo phone will be unlocked.

enter unlock code samsung

However, this only applies to non-iOS phones.

For iPhone

Koodo Mobile will submit the unlock request to Apple on your behalf, and Apple will unlock it.

To complete the unlock process, you will need to insert another carrier’s sim card or connect to iTunes to restore your iPhone. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation email.

Before restoring your iPhone, you need to make a backup.

backup iphone to itunes

If your phone indicates progress ( happens to iPhone Only), wait for 10 to 15 minutes while Apple is still processing your request.

If the process isn’t successful, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Koodo mobile customer care for assistance.

Method 2. Using Koodo Phone Unlock Service – DirectUnlocks

directunlocks phone unlock

DirectUnlocks are legally accepted unlock providers by the Koodo network. Their process is guaranteed, easy, fast, and safe. You can unlock your phone remotely from the comfort of wherever you are.

Why Should You Unlock Your Koodo Phone by DirectUnlocks?

Here are a few of the top reasons to do a direct unlocking process:

  • Your best way to unlock your Koodo phone when the first method can’t work
  • After unlocking, your phone’s warranty remains valid
  • Apple legally accepts DirectUnlocks
  • DirectUnlocks will get your Koodo phone unlocked remotely, giving you location flexibility
  • It is permanent once done.
  • It is quick, safe, and cheap.
  • A money-back guarantee backs it.
  • Avoid expensive roaming costs while traveling.
  • Unlocking your phone is less expensive than selling your phone while traveling.

How to Use Koodo Phone Unlock Service

You only need to provide your IMEI number and complete the payment process. Koodo has direct access to the manufacturer’s databases and automatically detects your phone model, thanks to the IMEI number you provide.

order koodo unlock

It then uses the obtained Koodo network unlock code to unlock your phone. DirectUnlocks will notify you of the phone model you have and unlock your phone instantly.

You can always check the progress of your unlocking process. Don’t be afraid to get help if you have any inquiries; their customer care team is there to support you.

Look for a confirmation by SMS or email to notify you of successful DirectUnlock.

Method 3. Unlocking Your Phone Using Software

Using illegal software to unlock your phone should be your last option. This malpractice is commonly known as jailbreaking for iPhones or rooting for androids.

This method is risky as the software might have a virus, tamper with your warranty or damage your phone.

If you aren’t advanced in using this method, please use DirectUnlocks or the free method as shown above.

FAQs About Koodo Phone Unlock

If you still have questions about how to unlock your Koodo phone, we have the answers for you!

1. What Is Unlocking?

Unlocking a phone with IMEI simply means switching carrier networks without buying a new device.

This process allows you to change from one company to another without purchasing a new phone. Phone unlocking allows you to operate the phone in at least one phone company.

2. Is It Legal to Unlock?

Yes, it is legal to unlock your cellphone if you are in the U.S. according to the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act and your carrier network.

While it’s legal to unlock your phone, some restrictions may apply depending on your carrier network provider.

Such limits include paying off your phone’s price installments or completing your phone’s company contract. You can easily unlock a phone by buying a new unlocked phone.

3. Does Unlocking Affect Security?

No. Unlocking your phone doesn’t affect your phone’s security. If you unlock your phone, you can easily use it on other wireless networks by other companies. Also, by using the correct legal channels, your phone’s warranty remains intact.

In case of using illegal software, you may interfere with your phone’s warranty.

4. Will Koodo Unlock My Phone?

Koodo won’t unlock your phone unless you send an unlock request. Just follow the steps in Method 1 to unlock your phone.


You should never get stranded on methods you can use to unlock a Koodo phone. Simply use the free option if you are on a tight budget.

Alternatively, if you want a fast, safe, remote, and guaranteed phone unlock method, use DirectUnlocks.

Never should you use illegal software to unlock your Koodo phone. Unlocking your phone is a process and if stuck, contact Koodo customer care for assistance.

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