How to Unlock Samsung Phone from Carrier/FRP/Pattern Lock? [Solved]

Factory resetting a Samsung phone will often present you with Google’s obnoxious (but secure) FRP lock. Carriers have similarly limiting locks which stop owners from inserting and using SIM cards from other carriers. Whatever type of lock is preventing full usage of your smartphone, this article will walk you through how to unlock Samsung.

Part 1. How to Unlock Samsung Phone from Carrier?

Removing a network lock from Samsung phone can be done in various ways, and below are the top three to look in to.

1.1 Unlock Samsung Network Lock with Code from the Carrier

This first method is the most common route and it’s one which all of the biggest carriers can assist their customers with. It often comes with a price attached but if you can spare it, paying will quickly resolve and remove a carrier lock.

Each carrier’s process will vary; however, the basic gist of the process is as follows.

Step 1. Contact the carrier in whichever way you prefer and inquire about obtaining an unlock code.

Step 2. They may request the device’s IMEI which you can find by dialling *#06#.

find imei dial

Step 3. The representative will prompt you to make a payment for the appropriate amount before continuing.

Step 4. You’ll now either receive a code from your carrier or they will instantly disable the carrier lock from their system.

Step 5. If an unlock code is given to you, enter it once the new SIM card from another carrier has been inserted and this will unlock Samsung.

Some older smartphones aren’t able to have carrier locks removed, although most phones nowadays are. Typically, when searching how to unlock Samsung phone, users find this is the fastest way to do so.

1.2 Unlock Samsung Phone without the Code by Using DirectUnlocks

directunlocks samsung unlock

DirectUnlocks provides a similar service to carriers but without being as expensive. Phone owners from all over the world can unlock their Samsung smartphones from a large number of carriers.

  • Capable of unlocking any smartphone from carriers, including Galaxy S10/S9/S8…
  • Each carrier is individually and competitively priced
  • Different countries’ networks are supported
  • Requires minimal input from you to unlock carrier
  • Works for iPhones that have carrier locks too

The steps involved when removing carrier locks with DirectUnlocks are straightforward and there’s nothing complicated about it either. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Start by opening the DirectUnlocks website in a browser.

Step 2. Scroll through the main page to locate, and click on, your device’s carrier.

Step 3. Before continuing you will need to retrieve the device’s IMEI number. Take your Samsung smartphone and dial *#06# to view the IMEI.

Step 4. Use the drop-down menu to choose your smartphone’s model and type the IMEI into the box provided.

directunlock samsung unlock

Step 5. Click “Unlock Now” and complete the payment stage to finalise the process.

In a matter of days, an email will be sent to you explaining that the process is complete, and the carrier lock has been removed.

1.3 Unlock Samsung Phone Network Lock Using dr.fone – Android SIM Unlock

This third and final method on how to unlock Samsung uses a popular piece of software, dr.fone – Android SIM Unlock.

  • Instantly removes carrier locks (no waiting around)
  • Securely protects your data and doesn’t cause loss
  • Won’t require the device to be rooted
  • Easy to follow and displays step-by-step instructions

To unlock your Samsung phone with dr.fone, there are a number of extra steps you will need to take. We urge that this doesn’t discourage users since dr.fone is incredibly effective in SIM unlocking situations.

Step 1. Download and install a copy of dr.fone – Android SIM Unlock on your computer.

Step 2. Launch the program and connect the Samsung device using the appropriate USB cable.

Step 3. Click “SIM Unlock” on the main menu and “Next”.

drfone android toolkit

Step 4. To enter the required Diagnostics Mode, dial *#0808# or ##3424#, or #9090#. Try each number until one of the menus displayed on dr.fone is shown to you.

drfone sim unlock

Step 5. Press “Unlock” and wait a few minutes whilst the SIM unlock is processed.

drfone sim unlocked

Step 6. After successfully removing the carrier lock dr.fone must put the device back into Normal Mode. Click on the “Restore Mode” button.

Step 7. Again, dial either *#0808#, ##3424#, or #9090# and click “Next” once the same menu as before appears.

drfone restore mode

When using dr.fone, more effort is needed than the other two methods. On the upside, after installing and buying a copy of dr.fone – Android SIM Unlock, you never have to pay for a solution again.

Part 2 – How to Unlock Samsung Phone from FRP Lock?

Perhaps an FRP lock is holding you back from fully accessing the Samsung smartphone. Google use this security feature to stop harmful individuals from using stolen devices, but it also means some second-hand buyers get put in unfortunate situations.

frp screen

To remove FRP and learn how to unlock Samsung phone, there are several things you can try:

  • Use an unlock service that remotely removes FRP locks for a small fee and at the hands of professionals
  • Install a third-party FRP Bypass APK (this involves a lot of technical steps and can be dangerous if the wrong APK is installed)
  • Download and use the Google FRP Bypass tool to remove FRP

A removal service is the ideal approach given the complexity of the process. Find out more about how to unlock Samsung FRP lock and decide the best approach for yourself.

Part 3 – How to Unlock Samsung Phone from Pattern Lock?

And last of all, you might be faced with a pattern lock that you don’t know the passcode for. It isn’t easy to remove a pattern lock and as much as we’d like there to be, an unlock service isn’t available for this.

samsung phone

Instead, you can try:

  • Signing into Samsung’s Find My Mobile platform and remove the lock using your Samsung account password
  • Factory resetting the device by wiping it in Recovery Mode (undesirable, will delete personal data)
  • Using an effective software solution

Those are just the three notable ways of approaching pattern lock removal and you can read the full guides for each solution, and some other solutions, in our Samsung pattern lock removal article.


Android users can encounter lots of different problems and like them, learning how to unlock Samsung comes with a handful of fixes. Hopefully, you can use one of the methods above to remove whatever type of lock bothers you, whether it be a carrier lock or an FRP lock.

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