How to Unlock SoftBank Phone (iPhone/Samsung/Sony/and More) Free

Unlocking carrier phones is not a new thing, and people do it for various reasons. Traveling to a new country, trying other carriers, expensive monthly plans, etc.

Whatever your reasons are, you are not the first one.

Locked phones are usually cheap at the time of purchase, but later on, the story always changes.

If you are searching for ways to unlock your phone, then it is your lucky day because today, we will look at how to unlock SoftBank phones.

Part 1. Before You Unlock Your SoftBank Phone

I know you can’t wait to unlock your phone, but there are a couple of things to do before you get started.

a). Locate your phone’s IMEI Number.

As you already know, your phone’s IMEI number is the only way you can identify your phone. The IMEI number will be useful while checking your phone’s blacklist status and unlocking it.

To locate phone’s IMEI number, go to Settings > General > About. Scroll down to find it.

find iphone imei settings

b). Confirm Your Phone’s Blacklist Status

You need to confirm your phone’s blacklist status because the process depends on whether it is clean.

When a phone is reported as lost or stolen, the carrier will blacklist it, and there is nothing you can do with it until it is removed from the list.

Several IMEI checker services exist online, but I recommend WipeLock Phone IMEI Checker. With this tool, you will find all the details about your phone; registered country, iCloud status, warranty, etc.

Below is an example of the results to expect (the balcklist status must be “Clean” so that you can unlock your phone).

wipelock softbank imei check

Part 2. How to Unlock SoftBank Phones (iPhone/Samsung/and More)

There are two approaches to unlocking network-locked phones: through the carrier that locked it and using 3rd party unlock tools.

The best way is usually using the carrier service, but it has a catch. Network carriers have requirements and policies that you must meet before they can release you from the contract.

That is where 3rd party apps come in. You don’t need to meet any requirements or policies to unlock your phone using these apps.

Check out the detailed steps below on how to use each method.

The Common Way to Unlock SoftBank Phones – Through SoftBank

The most used method to unlock SoftBank phones is through SoftBank itself. It’s safe and is done by SoftBank agents.

However, as mentioned earlier, you must meet some requirements before contacting SoftBank to unlock your phone. Check them below.

Requirements for Unlocking Phone Through SoftBank

At the time of unlocking:

  • The phone is active and was purchased not less than 101 days ago.
  • There should be no damages or malfunctions to the phone.
  • Apps or services that control the phone’s functions, e.g., the Secure Remote Lock function, must not be installed/enabled.
  • The device should not have unpaid bills.
  • The device should not have been reported as lost, stolen, or fraudulent.

If you meet all those requirements, proceed to the unlocking step.

Steps to Unlocking SoftBank Phone Through SoftBank

Here is how to unlock a Softbank iPhone, this method can also work for Android phones.

Step 1: The registration process.

Registration can be done in two ways; online registration through My SoftBank and manual registration at SoftBank shops.

i) Online Registration  – My SoftBank

Step 1: First log in to your account at My SoftBank

Step 2: On the homepage, go to Menu > Contract/Option Management > Option.

softbank menu

Step 3: Scroll down and select SIM unlock procedure.

softbank sim unlock

Step 4: Enter your phone’s IMEI number.

softbank enter imei

Step 5: Click the Proceed with Unlocking button.

softbank proceed with unlock

That’s it. You are free from your SoftBank contract.

A few things to note about the online registration option:

  • It’s free of charge
  • Not available if payments are overdue
  • Not all models are supported.

ii) Manual registration – SoftBank shops

For manual registration, head to a SoftBank shop, present your SoftBank iPhone and an identification document, then pay the unlocking fee – $30 (¥3,300).

If you choose to use this method, carry any of the identification documents below:

  1. Adults
    • Residence Card and Passport
    • Special Permanent Resident Certificate
    • Driver’s License
    • Japanese Passport
    • Individual Number Card
  2. Minors (must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.)
    • Any identification document
    • Parent/legal guardian authorization form
    • Parent’s/guardian’s identification document.
Step 2: Deactivate Sim Lock

After successful registration, the only thing left is deactivating the SIM lock. Since we are dealing with iPhones, this will be pretty easy.

Deactivating SIM lock in iPhones is as easy as :

  1. Remove your old SIM card from your phone.
  2. Insert the new SIM card you wish to use.

If you still don’t have a SIM card, you can back up the phone, erase it, and restore it from the backup you made.

The above is how you can unlock a phone free with IMEI number. If you can’t meet all their requirements, the following is an alternative way for you.

Unlock SoftBank Phone Using DirectUnlocks

As mentioned earlier, carrier unlock services will not work if you don’t meet their requirements, but that’s where DirectUnlocks comes in.

With DirectUnlocks, you don’t have to meet any of the SoftBank requirements mentioned earlier. You can instantly unlock your phone in minutes by just providing your phone’s IMEI number. You will have your device the whole time, and the warranty won’t be voided.

To unlock your SoftBank using DirectUnlocks:

Step 1: Head over to DirectUnlocks.

Step 2: Enter your iPhone’s IMEI number, then click Unlock Your SoftBank Phone.

directunlocks softbank

Step 3: On the next page, select a payment method

Step 4: Select a payment card.

Step: Enter the required details, then click Make payment to finish the process.

The team of expert will do the rest for you. Usually, the unlock process will take no longer than 24 hours.


As you have seen, unlocking your SoftBank phone is not a complex process. I always recommend following the official unlock procedures provided by the network carriers.

However, when that is not an option, there are always 3rd party services that can help you even when the official requirements are not met.

I hope the methods worked for you, and you are now free to switch network carriers as you wish.

Feel free to use the comments sections if you have comments or solutions you would like to add. Cheers!

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