Unlockitfree.com Review: Can It Remove Carrier Lock?

Having an unlocked phone gives you access to SIM-only plans from any and all carriers. As a bonus, you can easily hand down your old phone to a loved one. That is why discovering that your phone is locked is really annoying.

Despite the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones and their almost two decades of existence, many people are still unsure of how to go about unlocking their devices. The good news is that your phone may be unlocked, and fortunately, there are various services available online to assist you. Unlockitfree.com is one of the best ones.

We’ll review the Unlockitfree in this article.

What Is Unlockitfree.com?

Since 2006, Unlockitfree.com has been the go-to for reliable, cost-free remote unlocking. In addition to unlocking DCT3, it now supports unlocking DCT4 on Nokia phones at no cost. The site’s simplicity is a selling factor since it’s a feature that few rivals provide.

Unlockitfree.com is one of the few places where you can have your phone unlocked using the simplest, most cutting-edge technologies without having to pay a dime. The site was formerly a free, modest domain name called unlockit.tk. Many people visited the site in search of a free method to unlock their mobile devices.

Around 97,409 phones around the globe have been unlocked since then. Unlockitfree.com is an enhanced version of the original. It includes a plethora of additional features without sacrificing the site’s legendary simplicity or lack of cost.

How to Use Unlockitfree.com

It is straightforward to figure out what to do using Unlockitfree.com. You may get started by identifying your phone and learning about the many things you can do with it by using the simple searcher.

A professional unlocker site can still tell you if your phone is DCT3 or DCT4 even if you know what you are searching for. Unlockitfree.com does not fall short in this regard as well.

Unlocking Nokia DCT4

Step 1. Dial *#06# to get your phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). Then, a screen displaying your IMEI will appear.

One other place to check for the IMEI is below the battery of your phone.

Step 2. Visit Unlockitfree.com’s Nokia DCT4 webpage and input the details before clicking the button labeled “Generate.”

nokia dct4 unlock

Step 3. The form then generates up to seven possible unlock codes for your phone at no cost.

Unlocking Nokia DCT3

nokia dct3 unlock

The identical procedures used to unlock Nokia DCT4 phones will also work for unlocking Nokia DCT3 phones.

In a similar vein, the website will provide up to 7 potential unlock codes for you to use.

Generating a Nokia Security Code / Nokia Master Reset Code

In the event that you require a master reset code, below is the quick and easy procedure to create one on Unlockitfree.com:

Step 1. Dial *#06# from your phone to get your IMEI. Alternatively, look beneath your battery for your IMEI. It consists of 15 different digits in total.

Step 2. Fill out the code generator field on Unlockitfree.com using your IMEI.

nokia master reset generator

Step 3. Key in the code into your Nokia phone. Done!

It is that simple!

Parental Unlock Master Code Generator for Nintendo 3DS/DSi/Wii/WiiU

Your Nintendo 3DS, DSi, Wii, or Wii U’s parental control PIN may be unlocked without contacting Nintendo support if you use the Unlockitfree.com, tool.

This is a lifesaver if you’ve lost your pin or bought a used device that was originally set up with parental controls and you don’t know the pin.

The steps to accomplish this are as follows:

Step 1. Try random PINs. Three attempts at an invalid parental lock PIN will trigger the “I forgot” button.

Step 2. If prompted with a security question, choose “I forgot again” to continue.

Step 3. An eight-digit inquiry code will then be sent to you.

Step 4. Simply enter the eight-digit inquiry code and hit the “Generate” button on the code-generating tool.

The Cons of Unlockitfree.com

When it comes to unlocking phones from carrier lock, Unlockitfree.com only supports Nokia devices, which is perhaps the service’s most glaring limitation.

In any case, Unlockitfree is cooperating with Carriers to provide a cheap IMEI unlock solution for additional devices.

The Best Alternative to Unlockitfree.com Carrier Unlock

DirectUnlocks is one of the fastest producers of international and inexpensive unlocks for a range of other phone manufacturers, making it an excellent choice if you are trying to unlock a phone that is not a Nokia.

Using this service, you can unlock almost any mobile phone brand, including but not limited to Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Sony, HTC, and even Blackberry, amongst others.

directunlocks review

DirectUnlocks Features

With its reputation as a technology recycler, DirectUnlocks can quickly get phone unlocks using its remote IMEI unlocking service. Nearly all the time, they can unlock a phone in less than 24 hours. Sometimes it takes as little as 6 hours.

To complete one of these unlocks, your phone’s IMEI number must not be blacklisted in the manufacturer’s database (To check the blacklist status, use a professional IMEI checker). This will get you a permanent, global unlock that will not void your warranty.

Because it is done remotely, DirectUnlocks will not have any effect on your mobile service. Unlocks may be obtained via the service at the quickest rate, for the lowest price, and with the highest degree of reliability. This has been given the stamp of approval by the maker, and as such, it is of superior quality and value.

How to Use DirectUnlocks

With DirectUnlocks, you can unlock your iPhone or Android in just a few easy steps, knowing that you are doing it legally and safely. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Visit DirectUnlocks Carrier Unlock page. Select the service provider and enter the IMEI number of the phone you want to unlock. For your convenience, the service will automatically determine the device type.

directunlocks unlock phone

Type *#06# into your phone’s keypad or, if your battery is removable, check under the device to get the IMEI.

dial to get imei number

Step 2. Ensure that the required payment is made to the DirectUnlocks service.

Step 3. Upon receipt of payment, the service will remotely perform the unlock for you. You will get email and text message confirmation once your phone has been reliably, legally, and permanently unlocked.

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What is a Nokia security master code?

The Nokia master security code is a code that is exclusive to and linked only to your Nokia phone.

Since the code is already encoded into every Nokia phone, it may lock the phone right after it boots up under the settings. Technicians can use it to bypass security protections installed by end-users.

Why unlock your phone?

An unlocked phone gives you the freedom to use whatever network you choose. This can be useful if you are unhappy with your current provider, looking to move, or plan to travel often.

Unlocked phones also sell faster and for more in case you ever want to sell yours later.

How does carrier lock work?

When a mobile phone is locked, it can only be used with the same carrier or network provider that originally locked it.

Locking phones is a tactic used by carriers to keep customers from leaving for other services before the end of their contracts.

Can Unlockitfree unlock Boost Mobile phone?

Many others think Unlockitfree can unlock a Boost Mobile phone, let’s say, Samsung. However, the truth is that Unlockitfree can only work for Nokia phones when it comes to carrier unlock.

Editor’s Comment

Unlocking a phone may be a stressful ordeal if you are unsure of who to trust to unlock your device safely. As is the case in any field, it is unfortunate that there are also many questionable websites and services available online.

Unlockitfree.com is our top choice among these Nokia phone unlocking services since it is completely free. On the other hand, DirectUnlocks is the finest service we have found so far for unlocking other brands of phones.

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