Trusted iCloud Unlock Service in 2021: Full Review

Nobody knows how frustrating it is when you purchase a second hand iPhone or iPad but find it is locked by iCloud activation lock. It is a lock based on a cloud server, which means you cannot remove it from your device as simple as the lock screen.

So, is there any way to remove iCloud lock?

Of course! That’s why I write this article. Here are some trusted iCloud unlock services that can help you out of trouble.

Are they free to use? Read on to find your answer.

Is There Any iCloud Unlock Free Service?

Obviously, there are a lot of iCloud unlock free services. However, most of them are SCAM. One of my readers told me she was deceived by a free iCloud activation lock unlock service.


You need to know one thing: there is no such thing as a free lunch.

2 Best iCloud Unlock Service Review

The following two iCloud activation lock unlock services are legit and trusted. Read on to find which one you should choose for your iOS device.

1. AppleiPhoneUnlock

This is a website offer service for removing iCloud account and unlocking iPhone from carrier. Both of the services are compatible with almost iPhone: from iPhone 4 to iPhone 12 Pro Max.

appleiphoneunlock icloud unlock

Their iCloud removal service is also available for iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.

Devices unlocked by AppleiPhoneUnlock are permanent. There is no chance of your device getting locked again. You can set up your device with a different iCloud account or create a new one to enjoy all the features on your Apple device.

How does AppleiPhoneUnlock work?

  • Different from iCloud removal software, AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud unlocking service is based on IMEI (a unique number to identify your mobile device).
  • Within 24 hours, your iPhone will be unlocked!
  • It removes iCloud account from a locked device by whitelisting the IMEI from Apple Activation Database.
  • There is no need to send your locked device to them. AppleiPhoneUnlock will deliver over-the-air support to unlock your device.
  • Besides, once your device is unlocked, it won’t be locked again. That’s why I recommend you to use AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud unlock service rather than software.

Steps to unlock your device with AppleiPhoneUnlock

Step 0. AppleiPhoneUnlock can only work for iPhones with Clean iCloud status, it it’s reported stolen or lost (blacklisted), then this service won’t work for you.

So, it’s necessary to check the iCloud status with a reliable iCloud checker.


Step 1. Get your IMEI. Open your iCloud locked device, from the iCloud activation lock interface, tap on “i” icon. Then you’ll see your IMEI number.


Step 2. Visit AppleiPhoneUnlock, choose the model of your iPhone and enter the IMEI number. Then click on “Unlock now”.

Step 3. Complete the purchase by following the instructions it shows. You’ll get a confirmation email immediately after purchasing.

Then, it will unlock your device within 24 hours if FastTrack enabled. They will inform you via email when your iPhone is successfully unlocked.

icloud unlock complete iphone8

So, what’s the price?

AppleiPhoneUnlock guarantees money-back if your Apple device is not unlocked. The price is depending on your iPhone model. Usually, it costs $39 on completion.

You have a chance of getting 25% off your order – once your order is complete, you can make a video for their service and send it to them via email. After confirmation, they will give 25% of your money back.

2. WipeLock iCloud Unlock Solutions

WipeLock iCloud Unlock Solution is one of the cheapest iCloud unlock services. If you uncheck some of the services, you’ll spend only $8 to unlock your iCloud locked device.

Just as AppleiPhoneUnlock, this iCloud removal service supports nearly all iOS devices, including iPhone (4 to XS max) and iPad (Air, Pro, Mini).

How does WipeLock iCloud Unlock work?

WipeLock Unlock Solution will teach you how to unlock an iCloud locked device by yourself. Once you get the service, they will send you an eBook, which including Find My iPhone/iCloud Status IMEI Report and “How to Legally Unlock iCloud” tips.

wipelock unlock ebook

download wipelock unlock ebook

From the eBook, you’ll learn the useful tips to request a legal iCloud unlock and find the original iPhone owner. It has a success rate of 75% to unlock your device using these tips.

You can also get a list of scammers who promise that they can unlock your iPhone even when it is marked as stolen. This enables you to avoid being cheated when you’re in a hurry to unlock your device.

Price of it

WipeLock iCloud Unlock only takes from $8. It is encrypted with a password at first, you’ll get the password after purchasing it.

This is the cheapest iCloud unlock solution. If you’re a geek who enjoy unlocking your iPhone on your own, then this way is fit for you.

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