Is It Possible to Download Open My iCloud for iCloud Removal?

Apple’s infamous iCloud Activation Lock inconveniencies too many iPhone owners and this has resulted in a lot of unlocking tools being released. Open My iCloud is one of these tools and it’s a name we see come up every so often. As there has been a high volume of emails from our readers who want to know whether or not Open My iCloud actually works, we’ve put together a detailed review so you can find out.

Part 1. Open My iCloud In-depth Review: How Does It Work?

Open My iCloud (also OpenMyiCloud Easy Unlock Tool) is a tool for removing iCloud Activation Locks. The tool is free to use and reports to disable the lock on an iPhone within 15 minutes.

After the tool is installed on a computer, you connect your iPhone and run the software which then bypasses iCloud servers and gets over the hurdle of an activation lock.

1.1 Does Open My iCloud Work?

The simple truth is that we can’t tell if Open My iCloud works or how effective of an iCloud lock removal tool it is. Why? Well there are a handful of reasons for this.

First of all, unlike other tools, it’s not as easy as clicking a download link. Upon clicking the download button you’re taken to a registration page, but that’s not where things end.

After following the registration process and creating an account, you’re taken to another download page where the tool is apparently downloadable from.

open my icloud download

Now, when you click the new download button you will be instructed to click the Google Ads that are shown. This might seem like nothing to worry about, but it is cause for concern, and here’s why.

click ad to download openmyicloud

About Google Ads and AdSense

Google Ads is a platform where companies can create and pay for digital ads, this is a form of PPC marketing. Websites can sign up for Google AdSense which lets them display a relevant company’s ads on their website. In return for hosting ads, the hosting website receives a small amount of money which of course over time can become a lot.

We’ve determined that Open My iCloud is a false tool that doesn’t work and is only used to generate money. In other words, the company are cheating users to profit.

What Other Users Have to Say

Our research didn’t end there and we kept digging to find out what other people thought. A quick look at Open My iCloud’s Facebook page and we noticed that many people had strong views about this tool too:

facebook review openmyicloud

Similarly, their YouTube channel has worrisome notes. Most of the videos they post are the same length and have the same content. On top of that, the comments sections are filled with people sharing the same concern we have:

openmyicloud youtube reviews

So, all of this gives us enough data to assume that there is no download link for Open My iCloud and the entire website has been made as a “get quick rich” platform for the individuals behind it.

1.2 Can You Trust Other “Open My iCloud” Reviews or Free Download?

No – it’s not safe to trust the reviews published by other websites. It only took us reading 5 or 6 Open My iCloud reviews to realise that they were reworded versions of the same review and it was clear they hadn’t even used the tool at all.

On the contrary, we always take the time to fully test the tools we post reviews of. Integrity is crucial to us and by providing a full analysis of whatever tools we review, we continue to build trust with our readers and provide them with the most effective solutions to their problems.

Part 2. So, How to Open My iCloud?

Moving on from the obviously flawed unlock tool that Open My iCloud is, this luckily isn’t the only way of removing an iCloud Activation Lock. Our research extended into the other methods that are available to iPhone users.

2.1 Types of iCloud Unlock Tools

First, it’s important to realise that there are three different types of iCloud unlock tools on the Internet. These are:

  • Online Tool. Online tools aren’t always safe. You enter some basic information about your iPhone and the tool will change the iCloud database so that the iPhone no longer locks.
  • Software. This type of tool is downloaded to the computer and you can then connect the iPhone, follow the tool’s instructions, and it will remove the iCloud lock.
  • IMEI Unlock Service. With an IMEI unlock service, all you do is send the company your iPhone’s model and IMEI number, make a small payment, and wait for the result.

Rather than risking your personal information falling into the wrong hands through an online tool or installing potentially infected software, an IMEI unlock service is our recommended solution.

2.2 How We Tested Them

To clarify why we’ve chosen these two iCloud Activation Lock removal tools, we’re going to explain the deciding criteria we used.

  • Success Rate. Most important is whether or not a tool can actually deliver on its promise to remove an iCloud lock. Our focus was on tools which not only delivered but which consistently remove the locks successfully.
  • Speed. Next, we considered how quickly the service can remove an iCloud lock. Nobody wants the process to be done too quickly since this can cause problems that could have been easily avoided, but we don’t want it to take too long either.
  • Customer Support. Paying for a service online is something that many people are cautious and doubtful of. Having great customer support can ease minds and reassure those people that the service is genuine and handled professionally.
  • During the tests we conducted, we monitored the customer support more than once. We contacted each support team prior to placing an order, after the order was placed, and after our order was complete.

  • Payment. Obviously, the price played a big role in our decision when selecting the best unlocking tools. We must remember that services like this take time and effort, and we can’t expect it to be done for free. That said, some companies purposely list very expensive prices that most people can’t afford, so we had to consider what websites had the most reasonable pricing.

At the end of the day, there were a lot of different factors for us to take into account, but these were the most important to us. These things had the biggest contribution to our decision.

2.3 Recommended iCloud Removers

By giving you a deeper insight into how we decided upon the iCloud removal services that are best equipped to get rid of iCloud locks, we hope it becomes clear what made these two the best.

We tested 12 iPhones of varying models, iOS versions, and carriers, so that we could acquire an accurate reading on how both sites performed.

We highly appreciate our readers who offer us their iCloud locked iPhones for this test which help us a lot. In return, we unlocked nearly all of their devices, which is not bad for both of us.

1. AppleiPhoneUnlock

appleiphoneunlock icloud unlock

This is one of the best alternatives to Open My iCloud, following are the results of our test:

  • Success Rate: 6/6 iPhones unlocked
  • Unlock Speed: Less than 24-hour (with FastTrack option enabled)
  • Customer Support: 6 to 12-hour response, very helpful

It was impressive to find that AppleiPhoneUnlock’s team successfully unlocked all of the iPhones we tested, even if the completion time was almost 3 days. Their customer support was polite and answered all of the questions we had within 12 hours, an amazing response window.

Here’re the steps to unlock iCloud at AppleiPhoneUnlock:

Step 1. Open AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud unlock page.

Step 2. Enter the IMEI number and click on “Remove Activation Lock”. (Don’t know how to find the IMEI, check out this guide.)
Step 3. Make a payment and wait for unlocking. That’s it!

iphone 11 unlock complete fasttrack

2. DirectUnlocks

  • Success Rate: 5/6 iPhones unlocked
  • Unlock Speed: up to 2 days
  • Customer Support: 12 to 24-hour response, very helpful

DirectUnlocks is the other iCloud Activation Lock removal we looked into. In this instance one of the iPhones wasn’t unlocked successfully (we got the refund of this order), however, this isn’t anything surprising – there’s a small margin of error with every other service out there.

This site unlocked the 5 iPhones in just 2 days. Both sites have a similar process: you submit the IMEI number, authorize the service fee, and wait for them to complete the unlock.

After looking into it ourselves, it’s obvious that how customers pay could be more obvious on their site. We also looked at some reviews from previous customers and while the overwhelming majority were positive – praising successful unlocks and pleasant support – there was some uncertainty about the price.


Now that you have a grasp of why Open My iCloud is as far from being a viable tool to disable an iCloud lock as possible, you can start considering services like AppleiPhoneUnlock and DirectUnlocks. Those are the two websites that we believe to have the highest success rates, affordable pricing, and which process unlocks in no time at all.

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Darren is an Apple Certified Independent Technician with a passion for researching all aspects of phone locks, including Activation Lock, carrier lock, screen lock, FRP lock, and more. With years of experience in the mobile phone industry, Darren has become a leading authority in his field and has been a sought-after consultant for individuals and businesses seeking to unlock their devices.


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