Xbypass 2019/2020 Full Review: Does It Work? How Can I Download?

Struggling to find a software that can actually remove iCloud lock? I know how hard and time consuming it can be since there are so many fake programs. We understand your frustration. That’s why we’ve thoroughly researched and tested Xbypass, a popular tool promising to unlock iCloud without a password.

We researched one of the most popular iCloud removal tools – Xbypass 2019 (also known as Xbypass iPhone 2020/2021/2022/2023) recently and a long list of things are ready to talk to you today.

In our comprehensive review, we’ll cover everything from the safety and effectiveness of Xbypass to easy download steps. We know the risks of malware and the pain of ineffective solutions. Our expertise in tech security guides you through a safe unlocking process. Whether you’ve acquired a second-hand iPhone or are dealing with forgotten credentials, our review is tailored for you.

Plus, if Xbypass isn’t your ideal match, we’ve got you covered with tested alternatives. Let’s dive in to find the best solution for your iCloud unlock needs.

Part 1. Xbypass Review: Is It Reliable? Where to Download?

I’ll take this Xbypass review into 4 sectors to help you learn this tool thoroughly.

1.1 Understanding Xbypass

When you got a second hand iPhone or iPad that is locked by iCloud lock, the first thing that comes in your mind is to get it unlocked ASAP. But it’s no easy for you to unlock it on your own. That’s why Xbypass iPhone tool exists.

Xbypass 2019/2020 is a computer-based program that can bypass iCloud activation lock without password. It claims that all iPhone models (including the latest iPhone 12) and iOS versions are supported.

xbypass software iphone

As this tool is developed by a non-profit team, it’s totally free to use.

1.2 Safety Analysis

A very common question that arises into your mind before using this Xbypass 2019 is, does it completely secure or not. Well, It all depends.

For those who get the official Xbypass iPhone tool – yes! When used this tool on our computer (equipped with antivirus software McAfee), MacAfee did not detect any viruses or threats during the Xbypass iPhone tool download and installation process.

But if you download this software from somewhere unreliable, it may be a malware which will infect your computer and steal your personal info from it.

1.3 Effectiveness: Test Results and Recommendations

Unfortunately, our team tested this tool on iPhone 6, iPhone 8, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 Pro, none of them can be unlocked by Xbypass.

Although it’s irresponsible to make a conclusion of “Xbypass iPhone tool is useless” due to the number of tested devices is not enough, I won’t personally recommend this software.

1.4 Step-by-Step Guide to Download

It’s extremely difficult for you to find the correct download link if you’re not technical. There are too many sites claim “Xbypass Free Download”, but most of them are malware.

As discussed above, we only tested this tool on several models of iPhone. So the data is not enough to prove whether this tool work or not.

To collect more testing data, we provide you the free download link of Xbypass iPhone tool here. Just share this post to your social network and leave a comment below, we’ll send the Xbypass tool to you via an email.

Don’t forget to return feedback after using this tool. Thanks in advance!

Part 2. Best Alternatives to Xbypass You Should Never Miss

Xbypass cannot work for your iPhone? You will have to consider one of the given alternates to Xbypass.

I’m going to show you some outstanding alternatives to Xbypass that are also great at removing iCloud lock. To help you make your best choice, we’ve already reviewed & tested these tools before. Let’s see our test results below.

Before attempting iCloud unlocking, it’s crucial to check the iCloud status of your iPhone use WipeLock IMEI Checker, because there is no way to work for a blacklisted iPhone. WipeLock stands out for its manual, expert checks, guaranteeing 100% accuracy.

2.1 AppleiPhoneUnlock

appleiphoneunlock icloud unlock new

The first Xbypass alternative is AppleiPhoneUnlock. With this service, no downloading or installation is involved.

If you have purchased a second-hand iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple Watch and realize that it’s locked by an iCloud account, this service can assist you in this situation.

  • Remove iCloud activation lock permanently
  • Unlock your device without know the Apple ID & password
  • After unlock, you’ll be enjoy all features of your device without limits
  • Supports all models of iPhone/iPad/Apple watch/iPod touch
  • Fast delivery: unlock your device within 24 hours
  • Money back guarantee: you’ll get a full money back if they failed to unlock

Steps to Unlock iCloud

Step 1. Visit AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud unlock page.

Step 2. Select the model of your iCloud locked device and enter the IMEI. You can find the IMEI of your device as the picture shows:

Step 3. Click on “Unlock Now”, and make the payment, wait until they have your device unlocked.

This usually takes 1 day to unlock, here is an example:

appleiphoneunlock unlock iphone 11 complete

2.2 DirectUnlocks

Another alternative to Xbypass 2019 is DirectUnlocks service. This service can also help you get rid of iCloud activation lock without getting into notice of the previous owner.

DirectUnlocks is similar to AppleiPhoneUnlock, but this one only concentrates on iPhone unlock. However, it takes more time to unlock. If you’re short of money and not in a hurry, DirectUnlocks is a good option for you!

2.3 Tenorshare 4ukey

Differing from the above services, the third Xbypass iPhone tool alternative is a program – Tenorshare 4ukey. This is a very reliable and robust tool that is specially designed to remove Apple ID & Screen Lock.

In fact, the premium services are paid but a free trial is also available for those who want to test if this software can work for their devices.

  • Remove Apple ID from iPhone without password
  • Bypass all kinds of lock screens, including passcode, touch ID, Face ID
  • Free trial available, try it before purchasing

Steps to Unlock

Step 1. Download & install Tenorshare 4ukey. Then connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable.

Step 2. Launch it and click on “Unlock Apple ID”. 4uKey will detect your device and check whether your iPhone is supported.

tenorshare 4ukey unlock apple id

Step 3. Once your device is supported, click on Start.

4ukey Unlock Apple ID

Step 4. Follow the instructions it shows to unlock your device.

4ukey Reset All Settings

The whole process is much straightforward that won’t take you more than 20 mins. Then open your device and using it as a brand-new iPhone!


Xbypass (Xbypass iPhone Tool) is designed to help you unlock your iCloud locked device. But it’s too difficult to download and not so user-friendly to use.

It is recommended to use alternative methods if Xbypass cannot work for you.

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Darren is an Apple Certified Independent Technician with a passion for researching all aspects of phone locks, including Activation Lock, carrier lock, screen lock, FRP lock, and more. With years of experience in the mobile phone industry, Darren has become a leading authority in his field and has been a sought-after consultant for individuals and businesses seeking to unlock their devices.


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